UK study encourages decriminalization of marijuana

Once again, we are seeing another study by scientists, police, academics and experts on the subject all come together to confirm that marijuana should be legalized. The US is spending billions each year financing legal proceedings followed by jail, so the problem is much more costly in the US.

It’s really time to focus precious tax dollars on issues that matter rather than something that most people have either tried or at currently using and support. It’s the political class that is behind the curve on this issue, afraid of backlash from a small minority. This isn’t 1970 or even 1990 where this was a wedge issue. Nobody cares anymore.

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The new six-year study is still mild in terms of reform, but it’s a step in the right direction. Why even give out a fine of more?

The UK has a much more serious drinking culture problem that is a lot more violent, but still, this is generally encouraging the right direction for this subject. More on the UK study via The Guardian:

The report by the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC), an independent advisory body, says possession of small amounts of controlled drugs should no longer be a criminal offence and concludes the move will not lead to a significant increase in use.

The experts say the criminal sanctions imposed on the 42,000 people sentenced each year for possession of all drugs – and the 160,000 given cannabis warnings – should be replaced with simple civil penalties such as a fine, attendance at a drug awareness session or a referral to a drug treatment programme.

They also say that imposing minimal or no sanctions on those growing cannabis for personal use could go some way to undermining the burgeoning illicit cannabis factories controlled by organised crime.

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