Tagg Romney wanted to “take a swing” at Obama during debate

Mitt Romney’s son Tagg says he wanted to take a swing at President Obama last night during the debate.

RADIO HOST: I’m gonna ask something I know a lot of people want to know, or at least I do.  What it is like for you to hear the President of the United States call your dad a liar.  How do you react to that?

TAGG ROMNEY: Uh, you know, uh, well, jump out of your seat, and you want to rush down there to the debate stage and take a swing at him. But you know you can’t do that, because um, well first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him…”

Tagg Romney during an interview with CBS

Tagg Romney during an
interview with CBS

Like to see you try.

Of course, this is all part of the “the Romneys are really macho, and not spoiled rich kids from the northeast” mantra that the Romney campaign has been putting out the past couple of days.

It started with the Romney campaign’s bizarre suggestion the other day that Latino voters are obsessed with “macho bravado” and that President Obama wasn’t “macho” enough.

Like a guy named “Willard” (or “Tagg” for that matter) is the definition of macho.  So macho, in fact, that while our boys were fighting in Vietnam, Mitt Romney was fighting over a café au lait in Paris.

And now we have Tagg, who’s of late been reported to be the svengali behind Romney’s “I’m a liberal again!” come-back, proposing violence against the President.

Mitt Romney sporting his new
orange “day laborer” tan.

Yes, the Romneys, who are polling at a whopping 20% of the Latino vote versus President Obama’s 72%, know how Latinos think.

That’s the same logic that convinced Romney to sport an orange “day-laborer” tan for his Univision appearance, which our own Gabe Ortiz called Romney’s “closest interaction with a room full of Latinos since that time he had to yell at the kitchen staff for spilling the good Bordeaux.”

What is it with the Romney’s weird, warped, stereotypically blue-color 1950s vision of America as this place where men punch other men while the women-folk, when they’re not residing in binders, leave work at five to pick up the kids (because apparently daddy would never think of doing woman’s-work)?

I think Lisa McIntire’s tweet put it best:

@LisaMcIntire: I get it, Tagg. There are times someone makes you so mad that you just have to hold him down and cut his hair. Oh — wrong Romney.

We’ve all seen real macho. And sorry, Tagg, but when you’re named after Buster Brown’s dog, you’re just not it.

But maybe this video will help you work off some of that extra testosterone:

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3 Responses to “Tagg Romney wanted to “take a swing” at Obama during debate”

  1. charleylucky says:

    What were the details of that story about Mitt abusing a fellow student in college? See, Tag learned early to want to hurt people……even the president of the United States. You have to know he relishes this attention and opportunity for copying his dad. Tag needs to spend some time in an Alaskan frozen igloo…naked.

  2. charleylucky says:

    Tag, there is a reality here for you to grasp and get on with your supported life: The best man won…get it?

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