Spacehog – In The Meantime

Today is one of those Sundays where I could stand to have a few more hours to spare and it’s only just beginning. We slept in and are grabbing a coffee, then heading to see friends and my cute little 3 year old goddaughter along with her twin sister and older brother. This summer they kept us on the edge as we wondered how we would be bamboozled next by the twins. Twins really know teamwork and how to use it to confuse and distract everyone.

After, we rush back here to for a house cleaning that is faster than Paul Ryan telling a lie. Thankfully the East Wing and West Wing combined is only 55m2 or else we’d be in real trouble. Then a friend is coming over for dinner who we haven’t seen in ages. She loves cats so the cats will help distract her from the shoddy cleanup job that I see coming.

The espresso pot is making noise so it’s time to dive in and start wondering where the day went.

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