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It’s been a busy day.  And getting busier and busier as the election approaches.

My new favorite bedtime is 2am, though I’ve been known to get back out of bed again, after checking my email, and blog some more.  So I’ve been a wee bit tired.

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But anyway, I was just noticing a slew of tabs open on my Web browser, articles I was thinking of writing about today and never got to, so thought I’d make a list of several interesting ones and you can click through at your leisure.

Here goes:

And with that, I’m off to watch the rest of Revolution (or Evolution, whatever it’s called). The show is based on a great idea – what happens if everything electric suddenly stops working. Only problem, the show is a bit lite in the plotline. It’s no SyFy channel, let’s put it that way. Gnite.

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