Sasha vs. Frankenstorm

The winds have picked up, pre-Frankenstorm, in Washington, DC.  So I decided to grab a quick walk with my little dog Sasha before she spends the next few days trapped inside my apartment (thank God my sister litter trained her).

Well, little did we know when we set out on our walk that we’d encounter a terrifying surprise: an upended pylon.

You have to know dogs to appreciate this.  But dogs like their daily rhythm.  They like schedules.  Everything in its place.  And they really don’t like surprises, like pots and pans (Sasha hates mine), paper garbage bags (my sister’s dog, Carmela the wonder dog, loathes them), or in Sasha’s case, a new foe we stumbled upon today: an upended pylon blocking the path of our regular walk.

Sasha vs Frankenstorm

Frankenstorm’s tiniest victim.

Sasha has always had a fear of plastic bags (the little 7-11 ones that float in the wind ethereally are, in her eyes, clearly possessed by pure evil).  And today that fear-of-plastic-bags transfered over to a giant pylon apparently upended by the wind (or some kids).

Unfortunately I missed Sasha’s initial digging into the sidewalk, growling and barking (until I figured out what was freaking her out), but I did get a quick video of our journey past the evil pylon.

My favorite part is when Sasha shakes vigorously after the dangerous encounter is over.  That’s one of her moves, shaking, which signals excitement, but also, quite literally, shaking off an experience she didn’t like: Mission Accomplished.

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