Romney’s “partner in Washington” won’t say if contraception should remain legal

Mitt Romney on September 7, 2012, via McKay Coppins at Buzzfeed:

“I’m looking here at Steve King,” Romney declared about halfway through his speech. “He needs to be your Congressman again. I want him as my partner in Washington!”

gop rep steve king contraception romney

Mitt Romney’s “Partner in Washington,”
GOP Rep. Steve King

When questioned today on local television, King refused to take a position on whether contraceptives should be legal at all, and then added.

“I’ve not taken a position on the sale of contraceptives at all.”

Q: Who doesn’t have a position on whether contraceptives should even be legal in America?

A: Mitt Romney’s “partner in Washington,” that’s who!  Yep, no position on contraceptives, but I’ll bet he has binders full of women.

Someone who apparently doesn’t have binders full of women is GOP Senator Marco Rubio.  According to Rubio, it’s just too much trouble making binders at all:

RUBIO: I think that anyone who’s working out there and making a living, if you’re the most qualified person for the job, you should be able to get paid.  You should get paid as much as your male counterpart, everyone agrees with that principle… But just because they call a piece of legislation an equal pay bill doesn’t make it so. In fact, much of this legislation is in many respects nothing but an effort to help trial lawyers collect their fees and file lawsuits, which may have nothing to do whatsoever to increasing pay equity in the workplace.

More on Marco’s folly from Pam Spaulding:

Marco Rubio, whose parents
did not flee Castro’s Cuba.

As I’ve said before, how basic is it to advocate and enforce equal pay for equal work? Sorry for the all caps, but HOW WOMEN CAN VOTE REPUBLICAN IS BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION. If it’s all about jobs and the economy, as Mittens and Ann Romney bleat constantly to woo women back into the fold, then sending out Marco Rubio and other shills to boil pay equity enforcement down to an economic downer, and not a moral issue to rectify, then why are they telling women not to worry their pretty heads about coming home with a smaller paycheck than a man doing the same job.But that’s been the story of the racist, sexist and homophobic elements currently ruling the GOP. It’s just interesting to see the mask drop so easily on so many of these fronts. They don’t even try to paper over their contempt and fear of the uteri.

PS Icing on the cake. Judd Legum at ThinkProgress adds that:

In August, responding to controversial comments by his college Rep. Todd Akin, King said he’d never heard of a case of a woman getting pregnant from rape.

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