Romney relative posts pics of US ambassador’s corpse to Facebook

Courtesy of TPM, we learn that Mitt Romney’s ex-siste-in-law, Ronna Romney, who has a role in the campaign, posted a photo of US Ambassador Chris Stevens lifeless body on her Facebook page as a pitch for Mitt Romney’s foreign policy expertise.  Which is interesting, since Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, cut embassy security last year by half a billion dollars.

(As Josh notes, she didn’t seem to realize that she also included a photo of Qaddafi’s body as well.)

I went to Facebook and could no longer find the photo, but TPM fortunately already has a copy, posted below.

We reported ten days ago that a Florida Republican group also used a photo of Stevens’ body in a pro-GOP election ad.

Ronna Romney posts photo of dead body of Ambassador Stevens

From Ronna Romney’s Facebook page, via TPM.

Remember that Mitt Romney sees American lives at risk as an “opportunity” to make him look better, even if its at the expense of American lives. Romney said so himself, as did his campaign. Things got so bad that Ambassador Stevens’ father had to call Romney out and tell him to leave his now-dead son alone.  The mother of the Navy SEAL killed  during the same attack as Stevens also had to tell Romney to stop politicizing her son’s death.

But that’s what Mitt Romney, and all Republicans, do.  They politicize national security.  They make it about them, not about the country.

And that’s why so many Romneys have been castigated by so many parents for the incredibly poor taste of trying to politicize a national security crisis, and for dishonoring America’s dead.

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227 Responses to “Romney relative posts pics of US ambassador’s corpse to Facebook”

  1. ThorsTheTroll says:

    You know how I know you’re full of shit? If a Republican was president when it happened, you’d be saying exactly the opposite thing.

  2. ThorsTheTroll says:

    Exploiting photos of an ambassador’s desecrated corpse to score cheap political points: Disrespectful.

    Allowing the news to photograph flag-draped coffins coming home from Iraq: Fair game.

    The Democrats play by the worst rules ever.

    See? It works both ways.

  3. ThorsTheTroll says:

    You don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Stop lying.

  4. Gurdl says:

    You are wrong minority in cali, you should get your facts straight (1st it was not an embassy, 2nd they are not considered US soil, they are lent, 3rd he was not raped, tortured or murdered) really…this is embarassing

  5. Minority in Cali says:

    Sad to think that so many on this blog don’t care about Ambassador Stevens and his being raped, tortured, and murdered on US soil- that’s right, US Embassies are considered sovereign US Soil! And, on the anniversary of September 11 terror attacks, NO EXTRA security was in place?  Attacked because of stupid movie trailer?  Some people believe anything they hear, and this administration has been propped up by most of the media for what? Political reasons. I can’t wait for our current commander in chief to be replaced with a real leader.  Maybe someone who will protect ALL Americans- no matter whom they vote for.  Disgusting the way the USA has been governed these last few years.  What’s even more disgusting is the way conservatives are chastised for having a conscience.  Their all stupid, or ugly, or crazy, or all of the above…just read below.  
    Every one is free to have an opinion and they don’t have to be the same opinions as mine,  but if this was my son  I sure would not be protecting the President.  First I would want the truth-and this is not likely in my lifetime-and then justice for all the great Americans Murdered in Syria on September 11, 2012.  May they rest in peace and hopefully their families will find comfort in having a US President caring for ALL AMERICANS. Not the current situation… Peace and God Bless America-we need it.

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