Romney plans another fundraiser with 47% host Marc Leder

Mother Jones reports:

In a move that brings the Romney camp precariously close to the location of the candidate’s 47 percent blunder,the campaign is  scheduled to rake in contributions at three invite-only fundraisers in Boca Raton, Florida. One of the hosts for these events is Marc Leder, the controversial private equity fund manager who gained notoriety in 2011 for a bacchanalian party he threw in the Hamptons. Leder held the $50,000-per-plate fundraiser at his Boca mansion in May where Romney delivered his “47 percent” rant. But he’s not the only member of the host committee with baggage. The organizers of this big-dollar fundraising spree include Mike and Irene Milin, a husband-wife team who have made a career out of peddling get-rich-quick schemes that state attorneys general have blasted as “deceptive,” “unconscionable,” and “illegal.”

Get-rich-quick schemes are the bread and butter of the Romney tax cut and jobs plan.

More on Leder’s parties from the NYT:

Beyond the windswept dunes in Bridgehampton, at a $400,000-a-month oceanfront mansion, bright young things bubbled up and the Champagne flowed fast. Into the small hours, professional dancers in exotic clothing gyrated atop platforms. One couple twirled flaming torches. The sounds of techno boomed over the beach.

The New York Post summed up the evening’s Dionysian mysteries with the following headline: “Nude Frolic in Tycoon’s Pool.”

Putting aside Leder’s penchant for throwing rather un-Republican parties, there’s the question of why Romney would do something, with the election just weeks away, that would raise anew the specter of the infamous 47% video in which Romney said that half the country thinks of themselves as “victims,” and he’s not running to help them.

Just as oddly, it was Romney who first brought up the 47% video at the end of last night’s presidential debate, giving President Obama the perfect opportunity to nail him on it, hard.  First Romney, in his close for last night’s debate:

In the nature of a campaign, it seems that some campaigns are focused on attacking a person rather than prescribing their own future and the things they’d like to do. In the course of that, I think the president’s campaign has tried to characterize me as — as someone who’s very different than who I am.

I care about 100 percent of the American people. I want 100 percent of the American people to have a bright and prosperous future.

Then, Obama’s response:

After all that, Romney really wants to go there again?

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