Romney bought $5k of food for people to “donate” back to him at phony “hurricane” rally

You See Victims, Romney Smells “Opportunity”

OMG.  It IS Paul Ryan and the soup kitchen!

From McKay Coppins at Buzzfeed:

But the last-minute nature of the call for donations left some in the campaign concerned that they would end up with an empty truck. So the night before the event, campaign aides went to a local Wal Mart and spent $5,000 on granola bars, canned food, and diapers to put on display while they waited for donations to come in, according to one staffer. (The campaign confirmed that it “did donate supplies to the relief effort,” but would not specify how much it spent.)

Romney phony relief event for Hurricane Sandy

Distributing birther-inspired anti-Obama t-shirts
at the “non-partisan” rally.

Empty-handed supporters pled for entrance, with one woman asking, “What if we dropped off our donations up front?”The volunteer gestured toward a pile of groceries conveniently stacked near the candidate. “Just grab something,” he said.

Two teenage boys retrieved a jar of peanut butter each, and got in line. When it was their turn, they handed their “donations” to Romney. He took them, smiled, and offered an earnest “Thank you.”

No relief for you!

We’ve all been through it before. Grandma’s getting old. Mom goes and buys grandma’s Christmas gifts, or maybe mom even gives you a 20 and tells you to buy yourself something from grandma, then wrap it up for Christmas eve – and make sure you look surprised when you unwrap your gift in front of grandma!

And that’s okay, cuz grandma’s 90 years old and has a hard time getting around.

What’s Mitt Romney’s excuse?

Team Romney Admits “Relief” Event Was Staged for Political Reasons

I also found this part of the story fascinating. The Romney campaign admits that the intent behind the rally was swing state election visibility, not hurricane relief:

But Boston wasn’t quite ready to lose a full day of swing state visibility with a week left in the race. So, after some deliberation, the campaign decided to use their existing venue in Ohio to stage a makeshift, and nonpartisan, humanitarian project. It would be a way for Romney to show leadership — and get on the local news — without looking craven or opportunistic.

They weren’t willing to lose a day’s visibility in a swing state, so they came up with the event and crafted it in a way that would still get them political benefit, but would camouflage the intent.  So, as I predicted, Team Romney saw Hurricane Sandy – saw the imminent peril of tens of millions of Americans – as a political “opportunity” to exploit.

Philip Rucker of the Washington Post.

And as the reports from the rally prove, Romney’s “relief event” was a lot of partisan politics, and not much relief.

And keep mind, the Red Cross doesn’t want these “donations.”  The Red Cross specifically says on its Web site NOT to give it donations of goods.  It needs money and blood donations.  When people send goods, it requires staff time to go through, distribute them, etc – time that is better spent working on more efficient means of helping disaster victims.  And I quote from the Red Cross Web site:

Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

It’s the “Chinese Jeeps” of Charity Events!

Mitt Romney spent $5,000 on a political stunt when he should have simply donated the $5,000 to the Red Cross. But had he donated the money, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good a PR event, and remember, with Mitt Romney, it’s not about helping people – it’s about fueling his ambition.

Need more proof? Jennyjinx on Twitter just noted the following:

@aravosis Why couldn’t Romney have asked his supporters to write a check or plop money in a can?

The Romney people decided that you “had” to have food in hand in hand to donate, or they wouldn’t let you in.  But if you didn’t have any food, they’d give you some food they bought – food the Red Cross doesn’t want.  Why didn’t the Romney people at the very least ask people who didn’t bring food to write a check, or donate cash?  They could have a laptop sitting there with a connection to the Internet, and people could have donated to the Red Cross via the Red Cross’ own Web site.  But they didn’t.  Because this event wasn’t about helping the Red Cross or Hurricane Sandy’s victims.

How long until Romney voters try to destroy this charity as well?  Then again, by intentionally impeding the Red Cross’ hurricane relief work, they’re already off to a good start.

PS Compare Romney’s made-for-TV stunt with what President Obama did when visiting FEMA HQ this morning:

No TV cameras allowed.  But, what – you say – the President isn’t trying to make hurricane relief a partisan media spectacle of opportunity?  Clearly, un-American.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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420 Responses to “Romney bought $5k of food for people to “donate” back to him at phony “hurricane” rally”

  1. Naja pallida says:

    Huh? Unintelligible nonsense is generally not really worth replying to, but I will say that the voters chose to avoid hell, by not electing Romney.

  2. Rhonda Clark says:

  3. Rhonda Clark says:

  4. Rhonda Clark says:

  5. Rhonda Clark says:

  6. Rhonda Clark says:


  7. Rhonda Clark says:

  8. Rhonda Clark says:

  9. Rhonda Clark says:

  10. Rhonda Clark says:


  11. Rhonda Clark says:

  12. Rhonda Clark says:

  13. Rhonda Clark says:

  14. Rhonda Clark says:

  15. Rhonda Clark says:

  16. Rhonda Clark says:

  17. Moderator3 says:

    @El_Tigre_Loco – I think most of us got it.

  18. Longest day of the year is Jun 21. The shortest day is Dec. 21. Therefore the days when the day and night are of equal length are Sep. 21 and Mar. 21, and therefore the two different days of the year when the daylight hours on those two days will be equal, give or take a few days depending on your location on earth.

  19. keirmeister says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what is known as a straw man. Nice try, Junior.

  20. beduke says:

    No, actually the most useful thing for the Red Cross is always money. That way they don’t have to waste energy and time in transportation. They can acquire what they need as close as possible to the disaster site. Also, they can buy exactly what is required, rather than having to sort through a hodge-podge of donated goods.

  21. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    So it would be okay for your local police to be out selling tickets to their ball whilst the robbers run rampant. I get it.

  22. El_Tigre_Loco says:


  23. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    No, you deserve what obama is going to do and is doing to this country.

  24. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    And obama is as pure as the driven snow? Yeah, right.

  25. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    Please leave race out of this. We dislike obama because he wants to lower the United States’ status to a second or third world country. Read his books.

  26. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    What’s a matter? Can’t make it on your own?

  27. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    Now you know that is against the law.

  28. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    I thought that canned food items were what they wanted and that is what is shown in the photos.

  29. beduke says:

    that would make sense if he hadn’t spent the money on stuff that was useless to the Red Cross. So you can only look at this as a crass publicity-seeking stunt. However, since this is a free country, you are free to believe that your man had only the noblest of motivations.

  30. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    Seems like Romney is taking a page out of the book of Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” who was the White House Chief of Staff under obama!

  31. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    Wait until obamacare kicks in next year. You will see a scam.

  32. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    If I told you once, I told you a million times, do not exaggerate.

    (250,000 million is 250 trillion.)

  33. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    Actually, I voted for my son. He gave me a free cell phone.

  34. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    The first day of winter in Alaska is just as long as the first day of summer – 24hrs.

  35. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    When private corporations do something you dislike, you can call government. If government does something you dislike, who are you going to call?

  36. El_Tigre_Loco says:

    So how much did Obama donate out of his own pocket? He is a multimillionaire.
    You could look at this as Romney donating $5000 and trying to not take credit for it.
    But I forgot, you have to toe the party line. Poor democrats are so cynical.

  37. Naja pallida says:

    Where is he now? Well, there is something pretty big happening today. In case you missed it. Might distract the President’s attention a little bit. FEMA is still quite active in the storm-hit areas. Just today they declared the people of Hunterdon county eligible for individual federal disaster benefits and public assistance. Yep, no where to be seen.

    As for Obamacare… I realize it is hard to grasp, but it isn’t a system you “get on”. It is primarily a federal mandate to buy private insurance. In fact, many of the benefits afforded to Congress in their health care plans, are part of Obamacare. Then there’s the language that was put in by Republicans, that once fully implemented, will make Congress only allowed to get their health insurance through the exchanges created by Obamacare. Oops. Not to mention, there are no union exemptions from Obamacare.

    Please get your information from somewhere other than Rush Limbaugh… and what the heck do you have against mongooses? They generally seem pretty apolitical to me.

  38. Cayrno4 says:

    Excuse me mongoose keeper, where is he now after the photo op at hurricane Sandy?  people are crying in the streets and nobody has seen obama or fema.  this man is king of BS.  Oh and where was he when 4 Americans were killed, please somebody spell VEGAS!  Give me a break Mongoose.  Oh and ObamaCare?  Why isn’t the pres, family, congress all of them on it?  It’s a wonderful, life saving program.  It’s so good we’ll get fined if we don’t get on it.  Well, same to them.  Fine their butt!  Oh lets not forget about some of the unions that are exempt too.  Somebody has stolen the brains of the Democrats, I wish they’d bring them back, for all of us.

  39. Cayrno4 says:

    You are completely brainwashed.  You need to google the information given to you here to find what really happened.  By the way, did you know that your Democratic Vice President gives less than $400 per year to charity???  Google that too!  But other people aren’t giving their fair share?  If you like the crap Obama and friends are spewing, by the way he’s a part in the murder of 4 men, then you should live in another country where someone else owns everything you earn.  Isn’t that what Obama wants to do?  Take and give to someone he decides needs it.  Like his constituents?  What about Biden then?  What do we do with that laughing idiot?   Nice debate!  He looked like he had a stroke.  People were in shock!   Do you think that less than $400 is his fair share?  How much money do you think that guy has?  I’m on social security and I give more than that.  It’s ridiculous.  Not only that.  Look at our treasurer.  He didn’t pay his taxes, but your president appointed him our treasurer to make sure YOU PAY YOUR taxes.  Please think before you engage in crazy, delusional conversations.

  40. jgmitzen says:

    The Democrats aren’t tearing the country apart. The Republicans have spent four years blocking every attempt to repair the economy, even going so far as to oppose legislation they initially supported once Obama agreed with it (e.g. a payroll tax cut). They even held the country hostage with the debt ceiling to extort their government-slashing agenda. Obama has been compromise, compromise, compromise to the point that a large element of his own party grew to actively dislike him for it: for instance, cutting his stimulus plan almost in half before even beginning negotiations. In the end, not one Republican in the House voted for it anyway.

    All that’s out of hand is ONE party. Remove that one party (there’s essentially no non-extreme Republicans left to leave in Congress, and even Richard Lugar lost his primary to a Tea Partier) and things will be ok. The modern Democratic party is a big tent, from “Blue Dog” fiscally conservative Democrats to (until recently) Dennis Kucinich and their Senate caucus partner, Independent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. There’d be more diversity of ideas (and workable compromise) in a Democrat/independent-only Congress than we find in the current Republican party.

    Don’t use the fallacy of “they all do it”; they don’t. The Republicans invited the Christian Right in and then fomented the racial/ignorant hatred of the Tea Party extremists/birthers and now they’ve hijacked the party. It wasn’t like this as recently as the 80’s when you had decent, honorable Republicans like Senator Bob Dole leading the party (who had no problem rolling back Reagan’s tax cuts when supply side economics failed to “trickle down” to everyone else and revenue didn’t rise to compensate and fill the tax coffers). Symbolically I think it started when Pat Buchanan spoke at the Republican National Convention and announced a “culture war” had begun. It was all downhill from there, picking up speed with Newt Gingrich’s “revolution” and a wave of extremists hit Congress for whom compromise was a dirty word and they had no problem pulling un-American stunts like attempting to impeach the President in their new goal to win/seize power at all costs and not to be concerned about the common good or the nation.

  41. R. Paulson says:

    That food isn’t going to storm victims, it’s going home with Rmoney. The foods was just a prop for his photo op.

  42. R. Paulson says:

    Check back on  Tuesday. The Republicans, TEA Party, HATE RADIO, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, hateful evangelical Christians, have all done everything they could for the last four years to destroy the black man in the white house and even though they have had some success Obama will still be reelected. The truth is on our side.

  43. R. Paulson says:

    You aren’t paying attention. Turn off Glenn Beck and get a life.

  44. R. Paulson says:

    Freeamericanow, (what a joke), You are the problem, not the solution

  45. Jay says:

    Yes, FEMA under the Bush administration was a disaster all by itself, run by ol’Brownie, the former International Arabian Horse Association commissioner. (Ironically, he criticized the President for acting “too quickly” in this recent disaster. This from the guy that resigned in disgrace less than 2 weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans because of FEMA’s slow response.) 

    The reason FEMA is now so praised is because President Obama appointed William Craig Fugate as FEMA’s administrator in 2009. He was the guy that made Jeb Bush look so good when handling Florida’s local disasters. This appointment has been universally hailed as a brilliant stroke (except by Brownie, maybe) that brought greatly improved organization to the agency and increased it’s respect.

  46. Gestalt says:

    spoken like a petty little meme machine.

  47. Jay says:

    What a relief public financing would be. Then the candidates would be beholden to the electorate and not a handful of billionaire dead beats. 

  48. Jay says:

    Devrie is correct. When the Red Cross needs to move goods from a warehoused site to a disaster, they need them properly packed in their unbroken cartons, palletized and wrapped for easy handling by fork lift. They also have nutritional requirements planned out and therefore use specific foods. A big pile of random stuff rolling around all over the place is useless to them. I heard a radio address by Mayor Bloomberg where he said that there were some limited like-kind donations accepted from corporations like CocaCola (all bottled waters), but what they really needed was money donations to agencies like the Red Cross.

    I thoroughly agree with Naja pallida, posting farther above, that a riveting image would be Willard donating a pint of the imperial blood.

  49. Jay says:

    Since the Red Cross didn’t want those food donations, where do you think they ended up? I’m curious. Did they go to the Red Cross, but were warehoused in Ohio for a more local need? Did they go to another agency for local use, like a food pantry? Both usages are fine and helpful, but misrepresentation on the part of the Ryan/Romney staff. (Or is it Romney/Ryan? I forget.) If it all went home with the staffers like so many goodie bags, then that’s totally beyond the pale.

  50. cor508 says:

    S wrongny and staff have so little faith in the right wing xian funny constituents that they don’t believe they can generate a lousy truck full of food after a major disaster a few days before the election.

    But the rest of us are supposed to buy into the right wing delusional meme that after they destroy social security to give the money to the right an international corporations people will just magically take care of their ailing elderly neighbors!?

    I am continuously amazed and totally undecided whether they are or they think we are THAT stupid!

  51. Moonwalker58 says:

    Look in the mirror bud, you will see a hypocrit.  I’d rather be a winning fool any day to a losing hypocrit.  Do the RIGHT thing for our whole country and not just for your selfish hyper conservative dying party, vote for Obama on Tuesday and not for the Flip-Flop man, whom 4-5 months ago you didn’t even want as a candidate!  Come on, face up to it, he was the best Koch brother money could buy and he’s turned out to be a complete failure!  WAKE UP!

  52. Tmbofberwyn says:

    Between the Rep./ Dem./ and the Tea party they are tearing our country apart.
    Like little boys, in a sand box, they all want their own way.  In the end, we who
    put them there lose and they walk away with all the riches.
    How did we let this get out of hand?

  53. He’s a crookit man!!How Low can u go!!

  54. Naja pallida says:

    There were tens of millions of federal dollars granted to help with the Texas wildfires, even after Governor Perry spent months lambasting federal involvement in the states. I don’t know if Obama visited TN after the flooding, but I seem to recall something about a visit to Memphis around that time… but regardless, the TN governor actually praised the White House and FEMA response. When the tornado happened in Joplin, MO Obama was on a trip to Europe, and it took time for him to wrap things up with that and return – but he still managed to coordinate an effective federal response via FEMA. Seems to me that he’s running things like a President should… minus the BP spill, but that has to do more with oil companies being a multi-billion dollar stick up the ass of our country than the President himself. Obama does have a lot of policies which he should be rightfully criticized, but disaster management isn’t really one of them. He has been a hell of a lot more effective on the issue than the previous President… but that’s setting the bar pretty low.

  55. hellvajobbrownie says:

    Dear Mitt, In the immortal words of Ivan Drago, “YOU VILL LOSE”.

  56. Naja pallida says:

    Again, he’s not being criticized for collecting food. He’s being criticized for being so fake about it. Buying the food himself (or the campaign did, at least) and then giving it out to supporters so they could “donate” it back for a big press event. When he could simply have just bought and donated the food, instead of turning it into a scam. On top of the fact that the Red Cross specifically and very clearly said they were not equipped to handle donations of food… and has been their standing policy for a long time. A simple photo op of him on a chair donating blood would have been a million times more effective.

    As for the non-union workers, I agree it was stupid. There needs to be some kind of leeway for emergency situations to allow non-union people to work temporarily… but really, they should have contacted the utilities and emergency management office in NJ before they even left Alabama, and verified how and where they could help – if at all, and what was required of them beforehand.

    Obama has been actively involved from the beginning, and calling all the people coordinating things several times a day making sure they have any and all the support they need from the federal government, while keeping enough out of the way to allow the states to do the work they need to do. Photo-op or not, this is an example of how a President handles such a situation. If Romney really wanted to look Presidential, he would set aside the politics for half a second and call the President and ask him how he can help. Maybe the two of them could even do a press event together to show that sometimes there are more important things than campaigning and fund raising.

  57. Freeamericanow says:

    Balogna. Obama did the photo op, and people are still without food, water, power. Non-union workers were turned away because the refused to join the union, after they drove all the way from the South to help! Obama is pitiful. Romney collects food and gets criticized. Stupid reporting job

  58. Freeamericanow says:

    Right on! Vote the scumbag out!

  59. Freeamericanow says:


  60. Kwall76 says:

    Did you donate $5000 Vicky? Hes done more than you so there is that.

  61. Kwall76 says:

    Cancels his campaigning? Lol. Dude heads off to Vegas the day following our US ambassador gets murdered. Obozo has NEVER stopped campaigning.

  62. Kwall76 says:

    Well said

  63. Kwall76 says:

    Obama is showing leadership in THIS natural disaster but where was he in all the other ones the last four years? Good for him for showing leadership 1 week before the election. What a champ.

  64. Kwall76 says:

    It’s shocking to me there are still Obama supporters at this point. You all look like fools defending this failed man.

  65. Kwall76 says:

    Obama has ignored natural disaster victims in the past, Tennessee and Colorado and took weeks to visit others, Missouri and the gulf. But good for him for being ‘right there’ a week before the election. I’d call that being an opportunist.

  66. Kwall76 says:

    Obama ignored the Texas wildfires when over 400 homes were lost, Obama did not visit Tennessee when they had the historic 1000 year flood, he took 14 days until he visited the gulf after the BP spill and took 7 days before visiting Joplin, Missouri after a tornado wiped out half the town and killed 120 people. But a week before the election he’s right there :-)

  67. guest says:

    maybe they just wanted to create a visual to show people how they could help. and by the way apparently people do desperately  need food…like the people in Staten Island and here we are its Friday and the Red Cross has not done enough to help those people.  Which makes no sense to me as I just volunteered at a Red Cross shelter in PA which was up and running very quickly the morning before the Hurricane got here.  And now officials on Staten Island are telling folks there NOT to donate to Red CRoss due to their ineffectiveness helping the poor folks on Staten Island

  68. Hbv11 says:

    maybe they just wanted to create a visual to show people how they could help. and by the way apparently people do desperately  need food…like the people in Staten Island and here we are its Friday and the Red Cross has not done enough to help those people.  Which makes no sense to me as I just volunteered at a Red Cross shelter in PA which was up and running very quickly the morning before the Hurricane got here.  And now officials on Staten Island are telling folks there NOT to donate to Red CRoss due to their ineffectiveness helping the poor folks on Staten Island

  69. Cris0000 says:

    Maybe you should have asked those people’s parents then. 
    I can give a few reasons I support Obama off the top of my head.

    1. I don’t agree with Mitt Romney’s pre-Denver debate economic policy of extending Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Historically, the economy has been at its best when the wealthy have had higher tax rates, and the economy has done worse when the wealthy have lower tax rates.

    2. Romney makes promises it’s not possible to keep (cutting taxes while increasing military spending and paying for it through closing loopholes). When he’s asked for details about how he could keep those promises, he either dodges the question or tells us the math is too hard for us to understand.

    3. Romney has switched his positions so many times. What he said 2 months ago is different than what he said 1 month ago. I don’t have any idea what he really stands for or what he really intends to do. 

    4. A leader in the Republican party stated in 2008 that their #1 goal was to make sure Obama doesn’t get reelected. Having watched Obama attempt to compromise with them only to have them turn around, change their demands, and criticize Obama for doing the very things the Republicans had said they wanted, I’m inclined to believe that was all they were trying to accomplish. I believe Republicans did their best to make sure Obama failed and they didn’t care how that failure would harm the American people. If Obama doesn’t get reelected, it will show that partisan sabotage is the way to get what you want in Washington, DC. I would rather not reward that behavior. I want to encourage cooperation, which is the only thing that will help our country.

  70. Even soup kitchens prefer that you give them money because they can buy
    more food in bulk with that money than you could buy to donate.

  71. Vicky says:

    And I have some swamp land to sell you…. he was born with a very BIG silver spoon in his mouth which gave him advantages the middle class can only dream of. he is in the world of the very wealthy and that’s all he knows. Completely out of touch.

  72. Vicky says:

    Oh please…mean while Romney hides his MILLIONS in the cayman Island so he doesn’t have to pay his fair share of taxes!!

  73. Vicky says:

    NO, he just hides his MILLIONS in the Cayman Islands so he doesn’t have to pay his fair share of taxes!

  74. Vicky says:

    And you believe EVERYTHING you read. Typical Republican.

  75. Vicky says:

    Yes, and they send their VERY YOUNG youth to dangerous countries ,  they make them go door to door like they have to save us FROM HELL, believe in magic under ware and magic rocks, and SHUN those who wish to leave their religion.Nice group of people. I believe it is called a CULT.

  76. Vicky says:

    If you hate the comments so much, then WHY read them? People come from all walks of life and express their displeasure, joy, anger, etc. in their own way. Just like you have, Veteran. You are  on a pedestal looking down at us like we are unclean because we don’t think the same way you do.. Again, if you don’t like the comments, you can LEAVE anytime. God Bless.

  77. Vicky says:

    Are you comparing President Obama to BUSH?? Sure sounds like it.

  78. Vicky says:

    Yea,,,like BUSH had NOTHING to do with it….RIGHT?

  79. The first step to becoming a dictator is to shrink government!

  80. Vicky says:

    What brothers me, is the $5000, it may seem like a lot to us, but it is just pocket change to Romney. he could of donated a million dollars in a blink of an eye and it wouldn’t change his life style one bit!! he is a fraud and a liar and a cheat, plus he has ROMNESIA from past statements he has made through his political career and then turning around and say the complete opposite just to get votes.

  81. Vicky says:

    You have what is called ROMNESIA. I DON’T KNOW IF THERE IS A CURE FOR THAT.

  82. Vicky says:

    President Obama CANCELLED ALL of his meetings, events, campaigning, etc. to make sure the right people were on the job to help victims,AND, PERSONALLY went to New jersey as a representative of the rest of the country to inspect the damage and let the victims know they are not alone and help was on it’s way.he made sure all requests were answered in a timely matter .That is what a caring PRESIDENT does.

  83. Vicky says:

    You, my friend ,are WRONG!! 91 cents of every dollar donated to the Red Cross actually goes to the victims!! Don’t believe me? Look it up. 

  84. Vicky says:

    RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!

  85. Vicky says:

    Surrrrrre, you’re not voting for romney. I can see right through that.

  86. Vicky says:

    No, ROMNEY is throwing away something precious that can only exist in a free country, it’s called TRUST.

  87. Vicky says:

    Lovely language for someone that wants to be taken seriously with their statement. You know, they have psychiatric help for that….

  88. Vicky says:

    Do you truly believe that? Romney wants a smaller government so he doesn’t have to answer to many people for decisions made about our country. PLUS he’ll have more power in his hands(smacks of DICTATORSHIP) with a smaller government.

  89. Vicky says:

    What a bunch of crock!!! Are you that blind and brainwashed to see how fake Romney is???

  90. Vicky says:

    No, he CANCELLED ALL his fundraisers, meetings, events, etc, to help the American people in a time of tragedy. Exactly what a TRUE President should do. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Vicky says:

    And you are EXACTLY the kind of American Romney hunts for, someone who believes his [email protected]((s#!+ and believes everything they read!

  92. Vicky says:

    Wonderful statement, my friend!!!!

  93. Vicky says:

    So quick to judge? Seriously? Romney thinks the American people are stupid and tries time and time again to pull the wool over our eyes. This just an example of this.

  94. Vicky says:

    And you believe EVERYTHING you read- just what Romney is looking for in the American people.

  95. Vicky says:

    The point is that Romney was NOT helping ,but staging a political event that his own people admitted too. Didn’t you read the article?

  96. keirmeister says:

    Maria:  I’m serious as a heart attack, but I find it curious you prove my point exactly while suggesting I’m a “sad moron”.

    You see, I gave examples to explain why the “both sides” argument is false.  Your counter-argument:  “You’re being funny, right?”

    Do you not see the problem complaining about the “tone” of America only when the other side decides to defend itself?  Where were the cries of outrage when the Republicans were being total dicks?  Recall, one of the first things Obama did as president was to invite REPUBLICAN leadership over to discuss their differences (and that upset quite a few Democrats).  Recall as well that the REPUBLICANS have tried to block EVERYTHING that Democrats have tried to put forth.  Republicans have even said out loud that they will block anything Obama tries to do, because they didn’t want him to get any credit come election time.  The list is extensive…and you ask me if I’m being funny?

    No, the joke is on We The People.

    Oh, and using (relatively) anonymous people on a comment thread is a pretty poor example to illustrate the American “tone”.  The point is about people with influence, power, TV & radio airtime…  It is from these areas of social, political, and media influence where everything else flows down.

  97. Jordan Tri says:

    I’ve had the Redcross experience, and I pray I don’t ever need it again!

  98. Gee, John. Bitter much? Sounds like it wouldn’t have mattered to you whether Romney donated cans OR money. You’d still have an issue with him trying to help.  Your quotes from an article to support your blog don’t even carry actual quotes from Romney’s team, just what another blogger said about it (opinion is NOT fact).  Unbiased, you are NOT. Guess we need to get this from a REAL news source, not a parrot, or a blogger with his own agenda. Thanks, anyway.

  99. Oh yeah, he did exactly what he has been doing for the last four years. He ignored any budget and signed a piece of paper while basically saying, “Budget be damned! Spend whatever you want…” Yeah. What a great leader.

  100. You’re being funny, right? Tell me you’re being funny. Or maybe you’re blind? Or maybe you are just another sad moron who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the arse?

    Have you read the comments here? Have you read your OWN comment?

    You were being funny…. right?

  101. Well of course the Red Cross only wants money. How else can their CEO get her half a million dollar salary? And since when is the Red Cross the only organization you can go through to donate goods?

  102. Phxguy1940 says:

    a whole $5,000…wow    thats how much he gets a day in interest on his investments….reminds me of ryans stunt  pretending to wash pots at the soup kitchen….these two have no shame         OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  103. karmanot says:

     Apparently you are eating it with gusto.

  104. karmanot says:

     Shopping is exhausting. Just ask Ms. Romney.

  105. karmanot says:


  106. karmanot says:

     Thanks to his predecessor Dubya Bush.

  107. karmanot says:

     Because FEMA was destroyed under Bush and restored under Obama. Do your homework.

  108. karmanot says:


  109. Papa Bear says:

    Does it really matter? It’s not like anyone at the top of the ticket ever gets prosecuted for that stuff.

    Or maybe I’m just depressed today…

  110. karmanot says:

    A typical cowardly impulse by Romney—–like rallying and supporting the Nam war by living in a Parisian palace.

  111. karmanot says:

     I imagine you are the high minded type who gives your second hand crap to the church flea market, but condemns the homeless you ignore on your local alleys and streets. If you mean what you say, get your ass out of your comfort zone and distribute food to the hungry and homeless around you.

  112. karmanot says:

    Another Troll Tsunami!  Must be all those ‘Sandy’ at home Republicans.

  113.  True – but last time I checked they were all a little too busy to be going through a single truck full of supplies that they specifically did not solicit.

  114.  Or voting against a funding bill that would have provided more security for US embassies overseas.

  115. Devrie says:

    It matters, because actual goods being donated take more time, staff and resources than monetary donations.  If he did this for a political stunt, he did something that only seems beneficial, when he could have donated the money directly.  If he would have simply created a Red Cross donation drive, saying he’d match the first five thousand dollars, it would have been both great publicity and great help.  If he is such a great leader, why didn’t he consider that?  It seems like a desperate rush for attention, spearheaded by his campaign team, which he obviously has little direction over.  What he did was slow down the relief efforts by buying that many goods.  To be fake about it is just weird.  He “thanked” the donors who were giving the stuff he bought?  He doesn’t even know which states are affected.  He “thinks” it’s New Jersey, but he’s not too sure.  It’s Paul Ryan and the soup kitchet and Paul Ryan rolling his eyes at an unemployed guy asking him questions at a Labor Day parade (of all things) that makes me scratch my head at these guys who are trying to convince us that they’re the ones who care about the people of our nation.  Really?  They couldn’t care less.

  116. MasterBlaster says:

    Your desperation is better than blood in the water to a shark……lol  !!!!!!!!!

  117. Dan says:

    Yea and after the Red Cross pays all its people maybe half makes it to the actual people. Don’t lie to yourself FEMA and the Red Cross are full of paid employees not volunteer Americans.

  118. Chris says:

     Yep sure was a good thing they did the event in Ohio then right? The best place to do a charity event for people in New Jersey is two states and 600 miles away…I’m sure the fact that it was a swing state had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Romney could’ve written a check for that money straight to the Red Cross, and added in the savings from not paying for shipping. Gee, I wonder why he didn’t do that.

  119. Karine says:

    Will Romney would take is own money to absorbe the US deficite? :)

  120. Savidio says:

    Much worse than allowing our Ambassador to Libya get killed by not responding to his requests for security……

  121. keirmeister says:

    Spare us the “both sides” bullshit.  

    I don’t see any Democratic politicians calling Republican politicians “foreign”, “socialist”, “communist”, “illegitimate”, “America hating”, “lazy”, “traitor”, etc.

    I don’t see Democrats showing an outright disdain for the government they are seeking to run.

    I don’t see Democrats calling less fortunate Americans “free loaders”.

    I don’t see Democrats trying to start wars for the benefit of their ego or the pocketbooks of their friends.

    I don’t see Democrats denying Global Warming exists.

    I don’t see Democrats trying to destroy the freedoms of a women.

    No, all of that is the realm of Republicans.  And only a basic review of history shows that time after time, they have been WRONG about practically everything – yet they called us every name in the book when we tried to explain why.

    When someone is constantly wrong about important issues that could possibly ruin the country, should we idly stand by and take their abuse?  No.  It’s clear that it’s now time to call Republicans out on their bullshit.  

    We tried playing nice, and it didn’t work.  

    So when you use the “both sides” false equivalency, you fall right into the Republican trap:  act like an asshole and call Democrats wimps for not fighting back.  Then when the Democrats do fight back, rely on the uninformed American public to get sick of the bickering and blame “both sides” for the acrimony.  This pattern is so typical it is now a cliche.

  122. putts says:

    What a bunch of BS this site spews…

  123. Curt Hill says:

     unbelievable.  Romney wants to redistribute the wealth to those that are already wealthy.  i cannot understand the nasty cynicism that sees Obama’s genuine concern for those with less as somehow bad or unworthy.  What has happened to us? 

  124. keirmeister says:

    Your representation of what Romney wants (re: authority to states) is hilarious.  Do you not realize that it already exists that way?

    But what Romney is advocating is actually absurd:  He wants to eliminate FEMA and move that responsibility to the states.  Romney is a goddamn moron.  In such a scenario, the poorer states (mostly red states) would suffer the most.  Hurricane Sandy has shown just how necessary GOVERNMENT is, including the federal government.  It’s so funny hearing Right Wingers complain about how “government doesn’t work”, then cry to the same government for help when they need it.
    Seriously, Bbrown…we often hear about how short the American memory is.  You just illustrated why.  Do you remember the fact that FEMA was an excellent organization until GWB put unqualified people in charge of it?  Yes, FEMA was awful during and after Katrina because an idiot was running it, and the president was inattentive to the danger.

    Under Obama, FEMA has improved drastically.  That’s why we praise it now.  Honestly, is this so complicated to grasp?

  125. keirmeister says:

    It’s kinda funny to see your handle Bbrown.  Heckuva job.

    But wait…you’re criticizing POTUS for fundraising during a presidential campaign?  Wanna change that?  Then support campaign finance.  Otherwise STFU.

  126. keirmeister says:

    It does matter.  The behavior shows that Team Romney only cares about others insofar as how people can be used for personal gain.  Do you not see the difference between a person who does a good deed because IT IS good versus a person who does it because he wants people to think HE’S good?

    Sure the recipient may benefit either way, but it’s done out of exploitation, not compassion.

    It matters because it calls a person’s character into question.

  127. Flash says:

    Maybe Romney was just trying to put the Obama belief into practice by redistributing the wealth to those who can do something for themselves but choose not to and just demand the handouts they are convinced they are entitled to receiving without having to put forth any effort.

  128. Bbrown0804 says:

     Uh, Benghazi, that is what they are talking about.  But you’re a lib, so you wouldn’t know or hear anything about that…..

  129. it’s shocking to me that more people can’t see through Romney’s obvious BS.

  130. Bbrown0804 says:

     Romney wants to make sure the States have the power and access for first response, with Government ready for back-up.  And that is a bad thing? Amazing how awful FEMA was after Katrina, but how praised FEMA is now.

  131. Bbrown0804 says:

     Nice to see Obama doing his JOB and reacting in real time.  I guess there was no fundraiser event in Vegas this week to jet off to?

  132. Bbrown0804 says:

     Romney told the journalists that his campaign had trucks ready to bring the supplies to New Jersey.  What nerve! Stupid American pitching in doing what they can to help people in need. (sarcasm b/c some people are too stupid to pick up on that.)

  133. You mean it’s not racist to wear shirts that say put the white back in the Whitehouse?

  134. You have a little white on your chin

  135. I don’t have money to donate..imagine that…instead I donate my time and effort…I don’t ask for anything in return and I don’t ask for praise…

  136. We got polled during the primary..I reported their asses for tying up a state emergency phone line too.

  137. Trust fund babies don’t work

  138. Snowflakegirl66 says:

     photo ops aren’t using resources to help others. the red cross doesn’t take food donations for the above stated reasons. next time read the article before commenting. what did Pres Obama take? romney  wants to get rid of FEMA too. using Bush as a role model for disaster response isn’t a good idea

  139. Exactly….someone should take note of all the goods that were turned away in Joplin because they didn’t get approval

  140. So he shouldn’t use or activate fema…you are Fucktard aren’t you?

  141. Hey dangleberry..stfu and go elsewhere with your sorrow and spam

  142. How did that signing of a piece of paper work when bush was in office? What was Katrina again? How quick was he to act for his people?

  143. You should understand that fema and red cross have a particular order in which things are done…most of the stuff he got wasn’t needed or wanted…clothes would be nice, warm blankets…water…

  144. manufacturing consent.

  145. Cayla Hartman says:

    Does it matter who bought the supplies ? The good news is the are helping people who need it. If my child needed something that he bought at a photo op I could careless. So quick to judge. Not looking at the good only the bad. This was an opportunity for everyone to pull together.

  146. Sierra says:

    Sicko, you got that exactly WRONG!

    You wrote: “Romney – using his resources so that others can give. Obama – using other people’s resources so that he can take.”

    When actually, it was Obama who was showing TRUE LEADERSHIP IN A DISASTER and Robme was a total f*ck up. As usual.

  147. samizdat says:

     I would say rather that he seems to be as concerned about the divisiveness which seems to be tearing this Nation asunder as many here are prone to express. Frankly, even though I will not be voting for either Rmony or Drone-bama, it still saddens me to see the vitriol between people. I’ve even contributed at times. I see the viciousness on both sides, and tho’ I’m aware of the fact that this is not an entirely new occurrence in this country, it is still disturbing to read and hear what our fellow Americans think about one another.

  148. Mami White says:

     This can’t possibly be true,even for a Mormon Republican.

  149. P.J. Whitman says:

    Thank You, this events has the same ring of truth as spontaneous displays of affection for the Great Leader in; shall we say, less [small d] democratic nations. And this display represents the same warmth and sincerity that has been present throughout the entire Romney campaign… Pity the Poor One PerCent who feel they have not been given [no complaints about fairly earned income] enough advantages and need more tax relief from a nation those same claim to be fiscally bankrupt. frank burns fake toe-tag: mentally deficit and morally bankrupt…

  150. Are you saying that taxpayer funds shouldn’t go to help … taxpayers? During times of natural disaster? Maybe I’m missing some sarcasm here?

  151. lynchie says:

     Nice reach around for Mittens

  152. lynchie says:

     How do we stop you

  153. lynchie says:

     i call bullshit and it was the campaigns money. Mitt never spends a dime of his money only someone else;s

  154. lynchie says:

    At 25 cents a message you are going to have work like hell to make a buck

  155. lynchie says:

     Thats right we are going to sink the GOP in debt. We liberals who bailed out the Romney’s of the world so you could inherit the debt and sink your children and grand children.  Oh Mittens is calling time to troll somewhere else

  156. lynchie says:

     Oh another Romneybot.

  157. lynchie says:


  158. Linc48 says:

    I am one of the strongest of evudence because I live here and see it everyday!! Bible belt and K.K.K. very strongly predudisum!!!!

  159. Linc48 says:

    Your right Gail! I live here in Alabama and have heard some stories from GET THIS! Kids saying that there daddy said Obama would kill kids! Do bad things to belittle the schools here. And also heard a commercial on the radio Q107 of a Grandfather telling his grandson that they didn’t know waht to do unless they got rid of Obama and the grandson saying well they needed to fire him granddaddy!! So vote a total republican ticket! Get that will you! It’s really bad here. You go girl keep up the good post Chris of Hamilton Al.

  160. sickofobama says:

    Romney – using his resources so that others can give.  Obama – using other people’s resources so that he can take.

  161. Walter says:

     He is dominating:

    The incumbent will always (fairly or unfairly) get the credit when times are good and the blame when times are bad. Period. Americans aren’t shrewd enough to understand that things take years to cycle through and impact the economy. It depends myriad factors, including the velocity of money itself.

    Regardless, the electoral map portends a fairly comfortable win for Obama. So yes, he “clearly is dominating” this election.

    Thanks for playing.

  162. Kevin Zelnio says:

    See for yourself. 92% of Red Cross revenue goes to program expenses, 4% to admin, ~4% to fundraising. Their CEO gets $500K, or 0.01% of their $3.4 billion in expenses. Sounds fair to me given their expertise in emergency relief.

  163. Christopher Hoyt says:

    Wish that we could, Veteran. Stop this throwing away a GENUINE response and authentic sense of community building that goes with PROPERLY aiding a disaster-relief charity, I mean.  Instead, we are subjected to a naked show of utter disregard and lack of understanding that this cheap publicity stunt clearly was, You ought redirect your sorrow and indignation at those who are actively working to erode the brother and sisterhoods in this once “free country”.

  164. karmanot says:

     You would

  165. karmanot says:

     Romney work? ROTFL!

  166. karmanot says:

     There is a Mormon troll party of say, about six ‘lik’ trolls.

  167. karmanot says:

     Yep, troll tsunami!

  168. karmanot says:

     Oh for Christ’s sake give it a rest. You stop, mercy troll.

  169. karmanot says:

     My god, a troll tsunami. Like flies on Romney.

  170. karmanot says:

     Go out and kick a homeless and you’ll feel better.

  171. concernedglobalcitizen says:

    Erm, I’m sorry, when was this “once united America?”.  Gaps between rich and poor, racial divides reflected in socio-economic status, when was this mythical time you are referring too?

  172. LauraQofU says:

    Really?  Obama did his JOB.  You know, the one that he’s been doing for the last four years?  The one that I sincerely hope to see him doing for the next for years.  He cancelled his campaigning with less than a week to go to the election.  He was up late at night calling the governors of the states affected to get paperwork expedited….and the guy you support?  He wants to eliminate FEMA entirely.  And then he pulls this nonsense?  What will it take for you people to see that he is completely unfit to be the president of this country.

  173. Naajiya Blight says:

    Are you serious, what a fucking prick and that’s why he won’t win….

  174. Jjnj says:

    Thats strange, every I have had a similar experience with every Obama supporter I have asked.  I get, “well my parents told me to.” or “I’m not sure.  Just because I guess.”  They often don’t know anything about either candidate’s positions.

  175. Jjnj says:

    Thats always the reason for everything apparently.  You wonder why our country does not improve racist.  Maybe its because everytime somebody does not get their way they pull the race card.  It is pathetic.

  176. Jjnj says:

    I would like to see this evidence.

  177. Jjnj says:

    I’m from the North and I strongly disagree with your comment.

  178. Jjnj says:

    The race card….sure, it couldn’t be based their drastic difference in record and successfulness.

  179. Jjnj says:

    FYI, Romney donated his inheritance to charity and worked for what he has.  He has not recently started to donate, he has always donated.  Go figure, an American that earned valuable degrees, worked hard, and actually learned something about how the economy works.

  180. Veteran says:

    Please stop this. So much hatred is seen here. I am sad for the brothers and sisters of this once united America. You are throwing away something precious that can only exist in a free country.

  181. Veteran says:

    Please stop this kind of talk. We will never come together if people keep using race for their own agenda. Please everybody stop hating on each other.

  182. Veteran says:

    Please stop this…

  183. Cyninbend says:

     Accidentally liked but I definitely don’t!  I have been reading for over an hour, and never saw the word “retard” once.  Guess it’s what you are looking for!  I don’t believe you stumbled anywhere, and if you are looking for “facts,” why are you in the comment section?  Comments are where people vent their emotional reactions to facts contained in news stories.  I understand why people want to vent–when people who oppose you just lie and lie instead of addressing issues.  When they call our President un-American, lazy and stupid…put out films saying he is anti-American because a father he never got to know was born elsewhere–like most of out parents, or grandparents, etc…  When the candidate compares the President to his dishonest children–these are synonyms for all the slurs used against African American men since slavery:  boy, lazy, stupid, not one of us, not a hard worker like we are…”food stamp president”…these are code words to bring out latent racism.  The accusations were not made up from nothing!  People are so sickened by what they see as an attempt to insert race into the election.  Argue the opposite, but don’t say they don’t have the right to their comments.  The facts were posted thousands of times, had you been reading the last 12 months or more…

    I cannot understand how anyone could be split between Romney and Obama if they care about truth and unbiased facts at this point in the election process.  Here is why I say that:  Romney has been documented telling well over 600 lies in just about 33 weeks of the campaign!  He says one thing to one audience and then tells a different audience the exact opposite the next day.  There are no fundamental beliefs.  He wanted the private sector to take over disaster relief, and then refused tlo even explain that argument when reporters asked him 11 times yesterday.  It has been the same on every issue.  Check this site:   That is why Obama supporters need to vent!  I do not know how anyone could miss the articles from people all over the political spectrum and business, questioning the lack of honesty or facts in the campaign for Romney…his positions are unsupported, his staff puts down fact checking…and now he pretends those hit hardest by the recession are losing their jobs at Chrysler to China–when corrected by Chrysler’s CEO and Bloomberg News, he makes tv ads, then radio ads, and expands the fiction to GM!   This is a sociopath.  And you are undecided?  Really?

  184. Stherry says:

    Why don’t you think about your giving to others, intead of talking about others’ giving. Make peace to yourself :)

  185. Stherry says:

    Be thankful that you can give, and others can enjoy your gift and be thankful for you. God bless you :)

  186. Stherry says:

    If you really want to give something to others, it doesn’t matter how much you earn and how much you give, as long as you give with your heart and useful for others. Why talking about other’s gift if you can’t give with your heart. Stop complaining and start giving, and be thankful that you can give to others :)

  187. Tamara Gomez says:

    You are too sweet! Crackin’ me up over here in Iowa. You go! Please. I am 43 and it just makes me laugh when we are referred to as “elderly” because we actually had a telephone with a cord that would only reach about 3-4 feet; although, I do recall getting one of those 20-30 foot cords before I graduated. We also, only had 4 television stations–ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS–which will be extinct if Romney gets in office. I also remember the days when computers were only on the Jetson’s. Technology…makin’ people lazy and misinformed. Thank you for the chuckle tonight. I REALLY needed it. Hugs and peace to you and yours. :)

  188. Tamara Gomez says:

    Thinkin’ they need to donate those goods to the soup kitchen that they made suffer because of the staged “Ryan” photo-op.

  189. Roipolloi says:

    What a fraud!

  190. Jelliclecat60 says:

    DOes this crap really surprise those of us who loathe Twit Zomney?? Pathetic lying sack of dog excrement!

  191. Cyninbend says:

     I’ve been called so many times this year that I finally asked them to stop.  Nothing since, so I guess it was one org.  3 times a week…

     I live in a very red area–east of the Cascade Mtns–of a blue state–Oregon.  Portland and Eugene have the colleges, universities, cities–and brains to swing the state blue.  :)   I have only a landline, and am in my 50s–is that “elderly” for you snarksters?   “Still living at home?”  Where do you think I should go?  A home for those who passed menopause?

    I am extremely liberal and happy to represent something other than the very low info, fall for anything their church tells them, maybe have a high school education, maybe not, residents east of the Cascades.   I was never polled living in Santa Monica CA–because everyone shared my opinion.  You want to be polled–move somewhere where you are rare–and get a landline–and answer it rather than make comments about who is on caller id.

  192. I refuse to give cash to the red cross. Probably less than 25 cents of each dollar goes to those that need it. The rest is salaries.
    And to quote the Dems, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
    Or is that only acceptable for the left?
    And after reading some of the comments you people have posted here; I must say; I am SO VERY happy you people do not live next door to me. We would be beating the shit out of each other.
    A few facts posted, but mostly the campaign drivel of both sides showing up. Just look up the FACTS. Not promises, not excuses, just the facts.

    And if you really want to believe in the promises of candidates running for office by promising the world to everyone, remember to hold them to it. They don’t deliver, they don’t get a second chance.

  193. Veteran says:

    ExpandIt breaks my heart to see such hatred among Americans. No facts backed up by Snopes or Fact Check. Just swearing and name calling and pure hatred. These pages on either side make me very sad. PLEASE PLEASE  STOP. I’ve posted this before and did not get one single like.

  194. Romneythesnake says:

    It’s real!

  195. Andy Everett says:

     I guess they have as much empathy as Romney.

  196. edmeese says:

    I’ll bet you $10,000 that Mitt Romney is a douchebag. And then I’ll give that money to the Red Cross.

  197. Andy Everett says:


  198. Denyse Pez says:

    As  cANADIAN pLEASE TRUST ME WHEN i SAY TO vOTE cONSERVATIVE WILL BE THE END Canadians did and we suffer because of it.

  199. arynda says:

    One person does not a group make. I still find Coulter contemptible, and I reprimand all my students who use the word.

  200. bluejay says:

    And in fairness – what will the Obama’s contribute to this disaster??

  201. Gl_baker says:

    I call bullcrap on this article.  And as far as Obama is concerned all he did was sign a piece of paper that gave FEMA the ability to use money to help the victims of Sandy.  And had a photo-op.  John where did you come up with this crap.  I suggest you research out your stories before you print them.  

  202. bluejay says:

    Guess you believe everything the left wing media publishes ….were you there to verify what took place…sometimes what we find appalling about other people are actually our own worst faults….have you written a check to the Red Cross – have you played a part in helping those in distress….get a grip!!!

  203. arynda says:

    But it’s true. There has been real research that says that if Obama were white, he would lead Romney by a good margin. This is without saying Romney is a weasel.

  204. gwen says:

    um…live in a blue state…get polled at least once a week….registered Independent…both landline, and on-line. 

  205. nukemale says:

    The NON candidate struts for the NON american voters who swallow his malarkey about everything (in every which configuration – flip flop Mitt), who fake a NON climate change catastrophe relief event, in a swing state where NON Jeep jobs are going to China, and unless they are in the 1% they are NINcompoops.

  206. gwen says:

    boy…what a creep…bought $5000 worth of food, diapers, water…etc….and let others take the credit for bringing it when they did not have a donation…..

  207. Krewlx says:

    Obama has done better.. he has given 5 trillion in debt to give to the Americans..

  208. kesmarn says:

    Ryan could have brought some more (already scrubbed) pots and pans from that soup kitchen to donate as well. The Romney campaign used the appropriate words, I’ll admit: “craven” and “opportunistic.” Got that right.

  209. Veteran says:

    It breaks my heart to see such hatred among Americans. No facts backed up by Snopes or Fact Check. Just swearing and name calling and pure hatred. These pages on either side make me very sad. Please stop.

  210. Leftoutsoda says:

    This report is joke. The rally was held with good intent. Yes, Romney’s team also donated food for it. It was all transparent. Amazing how low some people will go to skew the facts.

  211. dss says:

    From my understanding, Romney was excepting money donations and food. So he spent his own money to help. It’s his. Not the taxpayers money like Michelle and kids taking 16 vacations in 3 years costing US $12 million!(Obama was not along on these trips)
    As for Obama not allowing camers, do you REALLY believe that? If it wasn’t so close to election time, Obama wouldnot have been as quick to help. It would have taken WEEKS! He and his hinchmen are riding this for all they are worth. You think this stuff just “slips” out of the white house? duh

    Romney is doing no more than Obama is doing. If it’s ok for Obama, it’s ok for Romney. No cameras…hah

  212. Leslie Clark says:

    Seriously? What ARE you talking about? What world DO you live in? What ARE you talking about? WE are talking about the craven and opportunistic behavior of Romney.

  213. wckoko says:

    No – the people who vote for Willard deserve what they get if he wins. Those of us who vote for President Obama are not guilty of inflicting Willard on the US & do not deserve what he will do to this country.

  214. Mobius says:

    Hahahahaha I love this! Especially considering that the first day of winter is only about 5 hours long in Alaska. Thanks for the lulz!

  215. “Recall what (the baton twirler) said”….sputter… choke… Thanks! You made my day!

  216. I hope this report is false. It’s lower than low to stage something like this…

  217. bearksi says:

    I am new to this site, an obama voter in 2008, and an undecided voter at this point in the campaign. I stumbled upon this site and cannot believe the hypocrisy I’m seeing. Is this the same group of people that were ready to storm the gates when Coulter used the term “retard” but it’s perfectly OK to use it for your purposes? All I’ve seen is a bunch of rants calling people “ignorant”, “dumb as a bag of rocks”, “retard”, “racist” etc and very little actual information. This is the problem with our society today, we all tend to react without thought and there is no good source of UNBIASED facts. I have been wracking my brain to decide which way to go and have found nothing but extremely biased opinions or facts that are so convoluted that the layperson cannot reasonably discern the truth. And yes, I do agree that this was a very bad idea by Romney and I am very disappointed in him as a human being. Let the flaming begin… 

  218. Romney is only promoting himself, in a state he is desperate to win. What has he contributed in the solidly red states that were affected? He can’t make any political hay there so why bother, right? PHONY, LIAR, MANIPULATOR. He and his motives are as transparent as cellophane.

  219. mystrdat says:

    That is a very real option, yes.

  220. Get a new mantra. 

  221. Dirt Works says:

    Seems you didn’t read the article.  Also, FEMA is actually a very efficient machine now that the democrats are in charge of it again.  They failed under Katrina because republicans put their crony in charge who knew nothing about running such and agency and had a structure in place doomed to failure from the get go.
    The Red Cross doesn’t want donations of objects they want money.  Romney could easily write a check for a few million and never miss it but he used the event to promote shamelessly himself and it was all staged for his own maximum benefit not anyone else.
    and finally, Obama;s policies have yet to be passed in large part because of republican obstruction in the senate.  They have blocked over 400 v0bills sent to them since the president took office.  Even so, we went from negative growth to positive growth and we stopped losing 700,000 jobs a month and have added jobs every month for over two years.  The stock market was barely over 6,00 when he took office and now it hovers around 13,000.
    Only in the bizzarro world of republican whine and spin is that a failure.  This all happened despite republicans doing everything they could to prevent the country from succeeding.  Just imagine if they had cooperated even a little bit how good things would be right now and imagine if they hadn’t plunged us into war in Iraq and wasted a trillion dollars on that boondoggle and not taken their eye off the ball in Afghanistan causing that war to go one for over a decade and still counting.  Open your eyes and turn off fox.  you have Romnesia.

  222. bearski says:

    wow. Let’s rip on people that supposedly want Obama out because he is black, call them racist and ignorant and THEN call the entire south ignorant, racist, rednecks. Aren’t you doing the EXACT same thing? Don’t call other people racist and then prove that you are prejudice against the ENTIRE SOUTHERN U.S., it doesnt help your credibility…

  223. LinktothePast86 says:

    I was referring to his mass slaughter of innocents via flying robots in E. Africa, Yemen, Pakistan, the Philippines and so on

  224. hauksdottir says:

    BRAIN-DEAD (due to that fatal accident he caused)



    If we hammered on Romneysia the same way the Republicans hammer on Benghazi, the election wouldn’t even be close.


  225. Jimbest162 says:

    Willard is a turd…

  226. SLynnJ says:

    Broken record… keep turning, Stherry.

  227. FunMe says:

    Where have all the new people on this blog come from? Flying monkeys for romney?

  228. Msdwee says:

    No, Sherry is right on the money.  This was a photo op plain and simple.  It had nothing to do with charity.  He probably has his donations in church listed in the bulletin each week.  When you give from the heart, you don’t exipect anything from it except a feeling of knowing you did what you could to help another.

  229. S1lkypeach says:

    Do your research people. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the biggest supports of the Red Cross there is. They were also the first to donate food, goods, shelter, dr’s and money to disasters like the tsunami. They teach people in third countries to farm, dig wells, and become self sufficient. Also I dont recall anywhere in the article saying they were giving the food to the Red Cross, there are other organizations who help. Not votimg for Romney but they should be honest.

  230. SLynnJ says:

    Romney made $20 million last year! He BETTER be giving some of it away! Most people can’t afford to give 29% of their money to charity… they have to, you know… pay bills and save for their children’s college educations. This isn’t a pissing contest between Romney and the average voter. 

    Stop changing the subject, Stherry. Whether he personally gives to charity (*ahem* his church), doesn’t change the fact that he’s staging “relief” events for his own benefit.

  231. Tinman50 says:

    and to follow up,…..People DIED and Obama Lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. SLynnJ says:

    He’s not helping anyone but himself right now. Certainly not hurricane victims! He’s politicizing a tragic event, which is the point of this entire article. It would have been one thing if he had given his supporters options for giving donations, or made a huge donation himself (as the article stated), but he didn’t… He simply wanted to LOOK like he was doing something beneficial, which is why his campaign bought tons of groceries to parade around in front of him. It’s show-y, it’s tacky, and it’s EXACTLY the type of person that Mitt Romney has proven to be during the course of this campaign. Say, do, and promise anything to get the vote. Major lack of empathy, serious lack of insight.

  233. Tinman50 says:

    at least Mr Romney did NOT use taxpayer funds ……………….

  234. InternetPseudonym says:

    You’re right, of course. Every Mormon individual I know is a pretty lovely. Except that their behaviors are slightly more sexist, homophobic, patriarchal, nepotistic and irrational than your average person. And that can be frustrating. Of course, I don’t blame those behaviors on them; they were trained to see the world this way because of Mormonism. Conversely, these individuals are, on the whole, more intelligent, competent, hardworking, social, and family-centric than your average individual. That’s something I admire. (Although these beneficial behaviors come from any strong and supportive community – no religious doctrine required) 

    But yes, there always two sides. I think that the point of contention you have is thus:In pretty much every context, people tend to incorrectly target the individual, instead of the beliefs or behaviors of that individual. What people should be saying is “the mormon *belief system* is freaky, weird, incomprehensible and downright illogical. It’s teachings are, on the whole, detrimental to critical thinking and true social harmony. Wouldn’t it be nice if people stopped believing in stupid shit.”  

    Tl;dr  I think you are probably a great individual. But your *beliefs* are stupid  . 

  235. AToyRobot says:

    What a silly comparison, he and his family has more money than most of us will ever know. I only make 1800 a month and I’ve donated 250 to Sandy victims, that’s probably a bigger percentage of what I have than what he donated. 

  236. Theresa says:

    FEMA was downgraded during the Bush administration and as a result, when Katrina hit they were unprepared and generally unable to assist – and you see where that got us.  FEMA has an actual emergency management expert at the helm since Obama took office (as opposed to Mike Brown who had been a coordinator of judges at horse shows) who has taken the job seriously.  That’s why they were prepared when Sandy struck.  I think the point people are trying to make here is, Romney’s ‘event’ was a politicized show with no real substance.  Nothing that was purchased by the Romney campaign or brought in by the well meaning people responding can be used or is even wanted by the Red Cross, as they have said on their website.  They need blood and dollars.  The fact that Romney solicited donations to this campaign fund at this event rather than for the victims of Hurricane Sandy demonstrates the charitable giving he was looking for.

  237. Stherry says:

    do you know that Mr. Romney just donate to his church, not to charity? be educated :)

  238. Stherry says:

    No one knows what is your purpose to help others other than yourself, does it not? Judge yourself :)

  239. Stherry says:

    when you give something to others, did you help yourself?