Romney further impedes hurricane response, calls GOP hurricane governors

President Romney coordinating Hurricane Response (for GOP states only)

We had reported earlier that Mitt Romney, in an attempt to use Hurricane Sandy for his own political benefit, was “impeding” hurricane relief efforts.

It seems, sadly, that Romney didn’t learn his lesson.

He’s now in a full-blown Hurricane Sandy recovery mode, coordinating relief efforts with GOP governors, even though it’s not entirely clear what Romney knows about disaster relief, or how a presidential candidate who’s not in office can even offer any assistant at all, other than some of millions as a donation to the Red Cross. Romney has found that disaster “opportunity” he was looking for throughout the entire campaign.

Mitt Romney continues to interfere with Hurricane Sandy response in an effort to use Sandy as an “opportunity” to bolster his presidential bona fides.

[email protected]: Gov. Romney has also been in touch with [VA] Governors Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie about storm preparation

Democratic Hurricane Victims Needs Not Apply

Interesting that Mitt Romney appears to only be calling Republican governors.  Oh that’s right, Mitt Romney doesn’t think of the 47% who live in the other half of the country.  But in all seriousness, if this weren’t a political stunt meant to make an “opportunity” out of national disaster, Mitt Romney wouldn’t be calling states based on the political affiliation of the governor – he’d be calling the worst hit states.

Though, it’s not entirely clear what candidate Romney knows about storm preparation, and how exactly candidate Romney can help those states.  In fact, Romney’s calls are taking up the time of governors who should be focusing on saving lives. Romney knows that.  So why is he calling them?  What did they discuss?  Did the campaign come up?

Romney Says Feds Shouldn’t Coordinate Disaster Relief. But Fed Candidates? Okay!

Not to mention, it’s interesting that Mitt Romney wants to close down FEMA, because he doesn’t think the federal government does a good job at disaster relief – it’s “immoral” to spend money on disaster relief when we’re running a deficit, Romney said – yet he thinks that he, as a federal candidate, can be quite helpful at disaster relief.

So, the federal government doesn’t matter for disaster relief, but federal candidates do.

How long until we see Romney in a FEMA jacket offering to help?  Can a Paul Ryan visit to another closed soup kitchen be far off?  (Followed by the inevitable attempt by Romney voters to destroy the hurricane relief center that Romney and Ryan visit.)

Here’s the latest shot of Hurricane Sandy from moments ago:


Hurricane Sandy latest image, from NOAA.

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31 Responses to “Romney further impedes hurricane response, calls GOP hurricane governors”

  1. Modern Wedding Invitations says:

    Wow, very beautiful!

  2. mitch strong says:

    Did you know that romney wanted to make it look like he was collecting can goods for the victims for a photo opp? This is coming straight from his campaign. His campaign said that they paid for 5000 dollars of cans and water and handed it out to people at his rally. They then gave it back to him. So it looked as if he was collecting them. Thats no photo opp?

  3. LadySmith008 says:

    Your “report” is disgustingly biased and untrue! People were dumpster diving for food in NYC today!!!!!!! Romney is doing much more good than Obama  who is just hampering efforts with his visits for photo ops! Romney is collecting food, water and supplies badly needed by the victims! 3Truck loads went yesterday..thanks to Mitt Romney! But that is just Mitt Romney. He’s always like this…yes a rich man loves to do manual labor for those who cannot and need firewood split or gardens prepped for planting or a tree stump dug up……even when there are no camera around! 

  4. Morgana544 says:

     Supported the agencies to give the real help that people need. Hey, why not check in with Gov. Christie of New Jersey? He can take you back to school, Jersey style.

  5. Most Mormons are not polygamists. Double check your facts please.

  6. Does everyone who is Republican call the governors? He should butt out of the territory that belongs to the POTUS. Help with other things like the rest of the country does.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Incompatence is expected.

  8. guest says:


  9. How many ppl know that Romney has built an Oval Office exactly like the one in the Whitehouse his Church????Guess he will feel like he is President but, lets face it he is already (above) Millions of his STUPID Followers!

  10. I am with you Gary. I sometimes go on the sites like the one  Obama vs Romney.and have made statements but, I am sick of all  BS they are throwing around and  the language is terrible!

  11. I am with you Gary. I sometimes go on the sites like the one  Obama vs Romney.and have made statements but, I am sick of all  BS they are throwing around and  the language is terrible!

  12. Helenpkane says:

    I’m not running for President. Romney just cares about himself. What have you done?

  13. iyamtoo says:

    Gross. Useless. Romey.

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