Mitt Romney has a 20th century approach to 21st century issues (video)

In preparation for tonight’s foreign policy debate at 9pm, Madeleine Albright takes on Mitt Romney’s lack of foreign policy experience, specifically Romney’s bizarre concern about Russia as our supposed biggest foe. This is a video they released today:

In a brutal video the Obama folks released yesterday, Albright, John Kerry, and former Undersecretary of Defense Michele Flournoy pound Romney on his inept handling of foreign policy throughout his presidential campaign. They especially focus on Romney’s missteps on Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – and on his suggestion that it wasn’t worth going after Osama bin Laden.

They make a good case for the argument that Romney is going to get us into another war, and possibly get us back into old wars like Afghanistan, and keep us in Iraq rather than finally pull out in the next few years.

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