Romney’s “a fraud, war-monger, liar, budget-buster”

Liar’s Poker

From Andrew Sullivan:

It’s one thing to broadcast untruths, or misleading half-facts as obvious truths; it’s another to be called out on them, refuse to change them, and intensify their reach.

There seems increasingly little doubt to me that Romney has the momentum now, and that October 3 was indeed the moment this election completely re-shaped itself. None of the proposals domestically add up (which means much more Republican-driven debt); we will be soon engaged in a protracted war against Iran, regardless of the views of the American public (more debt, untold damage to the global economy, a wave of renewed Jihadism to be met with more bombs and restored torture); millions will soon lose the only decent chance they had for health insurance, and those of us with pre-existing conditions will remain vulnerable to bankrupting ourselves if we ever lose private insurance for a period; but we sure will have more battleships for the long hoped-for neocon Cold War with China. And billionaires sure won’t pay more to help out.

Obama is now fighting for his political life. And right now, to my genuine horror, he’s losing to a fraud, a war-monger, a liar and a budget-buster.

Budget-Busting Republicans

Democrats need to finally educate the American people, non-stop, as to which party continually busts the budget every single time they get into office.  It’s the Republican party.  Ronald Reagan bankrupted us, then George W. Bush did the same.  And now, Mitt Romney is promising the same bankrupting trillion dolar (in this case, $5 trillion) tax cuts for the wealth that never trickle and never pay for themselves.

Remember, 71% of the national debt occurred under GOP presidents.  I’ve written about this before, but to summarize – the amount of debt added by Republican presidents versus Democratic presidents:

GOP Presidents Dem Presidents
$9.5 trillion $3.8 trillion



Total debt is $14.3 trillion.
$1 trillion of debt comes from before Reagan (NYT doesn’t make clear who created that debt).
$13.3 trillion accumulated from Reagan to Obama.

71% of the $13.3 trillion was under GOP presidents.
28% of the $13.3 trillion was under Dem presidents.

(Source: NYT pieced together data from Treasury, OMB, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, and more)

Romney to Decimate Health Care

And putting aside Mitt Romney’s $5 trillion budget-busting tax cut for the rich, and even the war, I’m not terribly happy at the prospect of Mitt Romney guaranteeing that I may lose my health insurance some day soon. I have pre-existing conditions because I have asthma, and eye problems, and high cholesterol. All big no-nos with Mitt Romney’s friends in the insurance companies.

And with the new exchanges, starting in a year, we have a chance for real competition among insurance companies. And with the new 80% limits delineating how much of your premiums have to go to actual health care provision, insurance companies will be hard-pressed to overcharge as they do now. Not to mention, if you lose your insurance for any reason, you can join an exchange without having to worry about paying more because you’re new, or even being turned down. Romney will change all of that.

I’ve always thought Democrats focused too much on those without health insurance when talking about the benefits of Obamacare. They made it sound like a welfare program, rather than something that benefits us all. All of us benefit from the removal of annual and lifetime caps on our coverage (i.e., if you get cancer, you run out of insurance and die). All of us benefit from banning insurance companies from turning us down for pre-existing conditions – most people alive today, and over the age of 30, probably have some pre-existing condition, considering even a totally healthy, 33 year old friend of mine was turned down by Aetna because of his bad shoulder, allergies and eczema on his hands. Hardly the stuff of medical nightmares.

Republicans as Heartless Bastards

Mitt Romney is filthy rich and doesn’t have to worry about paying his own family’s medical expenses, so he’s not too worried about yours. Republicans consider everything to be “welfare” that isn’t a tax cut for the rich. Health care reform is a prime example of government doing something right (even if it wasn’t enough). And Mitt Romney vowing to repeal it is a classic example of why the Republicans are so often labeled heartless bastards.

Because far too many of them in leadership positions are.

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