Romney, Ryan use hurricane for campaign event while NYC drowns

Update: Reporters are tweeting from the Romney “hurricane relief charity event” this morning, and they’re horrified at the politicking they’re seeing.  Romney campaign videos are being shown, the “charity donation” table is small and roped off in a corner, and the entire event has been renamed a “Romney/Ryan victor Rally.”

NYC Must Be the 47%

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan really are a piece of work.

While New York City is quite literally drowning, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan flip-flopped tonight on their promise not to hold any campaign events tomorrow, out of respect for the disaster this country is facing.  Romney and Ryan will be holding separate “hurricane relief” events tomorrow morning, while America deals with a national catastrophe.

Here are the titles of two press releases Team Romney just sent out:

Mitt Romney Attends Storm Relief Event In Ohio On Tuesday

Paul Ryan to Collect Donations for Storm Relief Efforts at Victory Centers in Wisconsin on Tuesday

The scene in NYC, right now.

You might recall that earlier today, Mitt Romney “canceled” all of his events for tomorrow.

Mitt Romney’s campaign announced Monday morning that it was canceling scheduled rallies in Wisconsin and Florida later in the day, as well as events planned for Tuesday, as Hurricane Sandy continued to batter the Eastern Seaboard.

It also canceled events for running mate Paul Ryan.

Yeah, that lasted about as long as Mitt Romney’s opposition to the auto bailout.

Romney’s event is bad enough – claiming it’s a “storm relief event” in Ohio, where he’ll just happen to be speaking and press has been invited.  (Why do you need press? Same reason Romney needed press on his trip to Israel.  It’s always about Romney.)

But Paul Ryan’s event takes the cake.  Paul Ryan will be “visiting” two storm relief efforts in Wisconsin to “thank” volunteers – it sounds like he’s actually visiting campaign offices that are somehow doing something for hurricane relief. It seems they didn’t learn their earlier lesson about impeding storm relief efforts by holding these phony events that don’t address the real needs of the disaster relief agencies: money.

Which means whatever they’re doing for storm relief – and it isn’t entirely sure what, as they say they’re “delivering” needed items, delivering them where exactly? – will stop for a few hours while Paul Ryan comes by with the Secret Service.

Ryan’s event smacks of the phony visit he made to a closed soup kitchen a few weeks ago, where he pretended to clean dishes just until enough photos were taken, then the dishes were abandoned. Romney/Ryan voters then tried to destroy the soup kitchen.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan promised they would cancel their events and not politick tomorrow.  And now, they’re not only politicking, but they’re doing it while Americans are quite literally drowning up and down the eastern seaboard.  And worse, they’re using this disaster as an “opportunity,” as Mitt Romney does with every national disaster.

It’s not about you and me, our family and our homes, it’s about Mitt Romney and his ambitions.  Always.

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