Romney again beats the drums of war

Welcome to the Romney administration.
(War from Shutterstock.)

Despite proposing mostly the same approach to foreign policy as Obama, Romney is doing his darnedest to whip the neocons and war-loving Republicans into a frenzy.

Yes, the same folks who want never-ending military engagements in the Middle East, still want more war. And they’re working for Mitt Romney. 70% of Romney’s foreign policy advisers worked for Bush in the same field.

Why? Because they believe that unlimited spending of tax dollars, and throwing middle class bodies at war, will somehow fix everything that’s wrong with their existing military engagements.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Romney-class doesn’t want to spend their money on wars or send their own kids to war but besides that they’re all for it! They’d all prefer sipping café au lait in Paris mansions or blowing coke while supporting the southern US border, than actually fighting themselves.

Oh to live the pampered life of war, eh fellows? And to be fair, their version of fighting a war does sound attractive to many, including those who actually go off to actual war.

Let’s just call this The Neocons Strike Back.

Displaying new-found confidence since his debate victory last week, Romney used a major foreign policy speech in Virginia to attack Obama for a lack of leadership on a range of international issues, including Iran, Israel-Palestine, Libya and Syria. “Hope is not a strategy,” Romney declared.

“I believe that if America does not lead, others will; others who do not share our interests and our values, and the world will grow darker, for our friends and for us,” Romney told the audience of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute.

Obama’s failure to project strength abroad, Romney said, had left the US at the mercy of events in the Middle East and vulnerable to terrorist attacks, such as the one in Benghazi which killed the American ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

Hope may not be a strategy, but being a cowboy hasn’t worked very well either, has it?

And just in case Romney wasn’t entirely clear, his surrogate John McCain went on TV this morning to assure the American people that Mitt Romney would get us back into war in Iraq, Afghanistan and then some.  Indefinitely.

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