Ryan lied about a Dem supporting his Medicare voucher plan

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Surprise, surprise. The Romney-Ryan camp called out for repeating yet another lie. There were more including lies about the Romney-Ryan tax plan, but for them it was just another day on the campaign trail.

Politifact says FALSE to Romney-Ryan, again.

First some background.  In the Oct. 11 debate, Ryan defended the plan as having bipartisan support. Biden said Ryan was lying.  Biden was right.

Here’s what Ryan claimed:

RYAN: … income adjusts (inaudible) these premium support payments by taking down the subsidies for wealthy people.

Look, this is a plan — by the way, that $6,400 number, it was misleading then, it’s totally inaccurate now. This is a plan that’s bipartisan. It’s a plan I put together with a prominent Democrat senator from Oregon.

BIDEN: There’s not one Democrat who endorses it.

RYAN: It’s a plan…

BIDEN: Not one Democrat who (inaudible).

RYAN: Our partner is a Democrat from Oregon.

BIDEN: And he said he does no longer support (inaudible).

RYAN: We — we — we put it — we put it together with the former Clinton budget director.

BIDEN: Who disavows it.

RYAN: This idea — this idea came from the Clinton commission to save Medicare chaired by Senator John Breaux.

Here’s the point, Martha.

BIDEN: Which was rejected.

Paul Ryan lied. Here’s Politifact:

Our ruling

Biden said “there’s not one Democrat who endorses” the Republican proposal to fundamentally restructure Medicare.

That hasn’t always been the case. Last year, Wyden and Ryan put their heads together and offered a compromise proposal for the future of Medicare. But that bipartisan bond began to crack months ago when the Wisconsin congressman put forth a second budget with provisions Wyden opposed. Their partnership dissolved in August, after Ryan joined the Romney ticket, and Wyden made a point of talking up the differences between his and the Republicans’ ideas for Medicare, not the similarities.

Wyden was the only Democrat to endorse Ryan’s idea of premium support in Medicare, and his approval has clearly been revoked. We rate Biden’s statement True.

The man is such a duplicitous liar.

Ryan knew darn well that the one Democrat who did support his plan walked away a long time ago, but Ryan was happy to try to trick the American people into thinking his plan still had bipartisan support.

The man is a liar.

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