Reader Pets: Coco the cat


Hi AmericaBlog,

Let me introduce you to Coco, Although I do call him Cocobell, I dont know why except I like the way it sounds I guess.

He lives with his cousin Sasha (Sashabell) a tortoiseshell in our Phila home. They are both 3 years old, Born on July 14th , 2009. He is a very smart Siamese cat who responds when I talk to him. He will make himself at home on anyone’s lap, whoever sits down. If he can’t sit on your lap, he’ll sit on your feet.

In this photo Coco was asleep with his tongue hanging out, He does this quite often.

Ever since I found him in the basement where his mom somehow got in he has been the most affectionate kitty I’ve ever had . I’ve had many. Even when he was just a handful he never ever tried to scratch you with his claws. Never.


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