OH GOPer: “I’ve never seen such hate this year in the Republican party”

The Ohio papers are reporting that President Obama is widening his lead in that key swing state just as early balloting has begun. A new poll by the Columbus Dispatch shows Obama leading in Ohio by 9 points, while other polls show Obama leading at least 5. Either way, it’s trouble for Romney.


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Alan Colmes points out a particularly interesting part of the story:

The president is ahead among independent voters by 3 points and is attracting slightly more GOP support than Romney is getting from Democrats.

That shows up in voters such as poll participant Wayne Butterfass, 70, a retired store owner from Cincinnati who said he has voted Republican for most of his life.

But not this year.

“Obama was handed an economy on the skids, after eight years of Bush,” Butterfass said in an email. “All he ever did was think about war. I’m afraid Romney will do the same, especially the trickle-down theory.

“I don’t know why any woman or gay would ever vote for Romney. All you have to do is look at the Republican platform. I’ve never seen such HATE this year in the Republican Party, national or state.”

Colmes also points us to Sarah Jones at PoliticsUSA:

Wayne Butterfass is not alone is his disgust with his former party. According to Stan Greenberg, the Republican Party has lost 5 points in voter identification over the past month. He writes, “Contempt for the Republicans is pushing Democrats into the lead, not only in the presidential race but across Senate and likely many House races as well.”

Interestingly, a month ago Ohio was an even race. Today, it’s a plus 9 for Obama, suggesting that the Republican National Convention, the Ryan pick, and the 47% comments have damaged Romney in Ohio, along with his tone deaf “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” editorial.

The race isn’t over. There are still five weeks, and Obama could still trip up, the economy could hiccup, a foreign crisis could arise, who knows. But still, thinks do not look good for Mitt Romney. It seem the voters finally got his number. And it’s zero.

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