NBC on Hurricane Sandy and climate change (video)

Despite the Republican party willfully promoting ignorance, climate change is real.

Despite making jokes about Al Gore, in the end he was right, which only angers Republicans more.

Climate change scientists have often talked about storms becoming more intense, and now that it’s happening. It should wake up the slobbering masses in the GOP and Fox, but admitting that they were wrong is too much for them. They will ignore the connections now, and the first time snow arrives in the US, we will hear them make the same old joke about “well it’s snowing here in Des Moines, Iowa, so clearly there’s no such thing as global warming, duh huh, duh huh.”

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  •  Oh, come on… doesn’t everybody know that this (what is it now, about the kabillionth) 100 year storm started forming at the same time that Obama bailed out our automotive industry?

    What more proof would an ignorant redneck need?

  • Lizfox

    Wow, almost 2 minutes devoted to the topic.  Progress..

  • hollywoodstein

    It’s just good business.

  • hollywoodstein

    Whyu is the MM46 gone?

  • hollywoodstein

    The high school mean girls corporate protection racket has been in full effect for decades which means the monied interests have known about it for decades..  Did you know fat Al Gore invented the internet or so he claimed so why believe an Inconvenient Truth?  And climate denier Bill O’Reilly is looking out for you, even though the harvard eductated elitist ignoramus doesn’t even know the moon is involved with the tides, though he will come around as he remarkets himself.  And everyones favorite propagandist Sean ( I’d call him a n*gger but I cant’ so I call him a muslim)  Hannity will go to his grave telling you hippie scientists made up global warming because that’s where the grant money is and for some inarticulable reason egghead scientists who got better grades than you in high school and though you had a high school letter jacket and got the chicks then now they’ve got the well paying jobs and the chicks you once had, hate business.
    These criminal enablers in the media need to be mocked, and mocked mercilessly.  That goes for the he said she said both sides do it i dunno nothin bout nuthin I’m just standing on the sideline calling em as I see em if both sides are upset I must be doin’ sumptin right enablers.  If a journalist says they don’t know about climate change they should be told loudly to resign in shame because any seventh grader with a book report due can find the information.
    Climate change is here.  It has been here and it is killing people.  It will continue to kill people and will increasingly kill more people, and even if you slammed on the brakes five years ago it will make your children’s lives a hell on earth.  But you haven’t slammed on the brakes, you’ve listened to your ministers who tell you god wants businesses free to pollute the air.  So you will be getting the Hell on Earth(tm) that you prayed for.  Welcome to the Rapture my friends.  Can I have your car when your gone?

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