Murdoch’s disgraced editor given almost $12 million

Getting fired at News Corp is much like getting fired on Wall Street. No matter how bad you screw up – including adding mental distress for parents of a murdered young girl – you win. The mega-payout to Murdoch’s former tabloid chief should not come as much of a surprise when you look back and see how his disgraced son was shuffled out of the UK, over to the US with a new cushy job.

Yes, life is good for the Rupert Murdoch’s of the world. Too bad this only reminds us again of how much power and influence he still has in Australia, the UK and the US. For the 1%, life remains pretty darned good. The Guardian on the luxurious payout of Rebekah Brooks.

Rupert Murdoch via Shutterstock

The exact figure has never been disclosed by the Murdoch company – whose parent News Corporation holds its annual meeting on Tuesday – but one source said they believed it was between £6m and £8m.An intimate of Rupert Murdoch, Brooks started out as a secretary at the News of the World in 1989, becoming editor of the News of the World and the Sun in succession.

She retained Murdoch’s confidence as the phone hacking crisis intensified. After the News Corp patriarch flew into London in July last year, he took Brooks out for dinner, declaring that she was his “top priority” when questioned in the street by journalists.

The payoff package, far in excess of the £1.7m that was speculated about after her departure, comprised cash payments for loss of service, pension enhancement, money for legal costs, a car and an office.

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