Preacher blasts gays, then suddenly… (video)

Watch this video until the end, it’s only 2 and a half minutes. Via the YouTube description of this video:

Back in August, during a Springfield City Council public hearing on amending the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity protections, Rev. Phil Snider of the Brentwood Christian Church lashed out at the council for “inviting the judgement of God upon our land” by making “special rights for gays and lesbians.”

He goes on to invoke the bible and morality and the end of days a few more times before suddenly appearing to lose his train of thought.

And then something pretty amazing happens.

Don’t read the comments on the video, just watch the video. I have to admit, I was not expecting what happened. (H/t Politix)

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1,073 Responses to “Preacher blasts gays, then suddenly… (video)”

  1. Marilyn Green says:

    I doubt even the fake argument had much impact.  They still believe in racial segregation in Springfield, MO.  I used the live there and I saw it every day.

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