Noam Chomsky on voting and the state of activism

Radio and podcast host Matt Filipowicz scored big recently with a lengthy interview with Noam Chomsky. His post and comments are here. The interview is embedded below. Enjoy:

I’m posting this because Chomsky is an important voice who needs to be heard. I’ve personally followed him for years and always listen when he talks. I’m not trying to start a pie fight over whether or not to vote, or to vote one way or the other. In my view, this election is over, and we have Lame Duck fish to fry. Just sayin’.

On another note, did you hear the phone softly playing in the background? The man does get calls, and he knows how to ignore them as he carefully answers questions. Think he’s been at this a while?

Thanks, Matt, for the score and for taking full advantage of Chomsky’s generous offer of time. Filipowicz has a good program. If you’re a fan of progressive media, it deserves to be on your radar. More here.


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