Marco Rubio not told daughter was in accident until after rally for Romney

We need to know more, but I do find it interesting that no one reportedly told GOP Senator Marco Rubio that his daughter was airlifted to a hospital in stable condition following a car accident until AFTER he was done doing a campaign rally with Mitt Romney.

Miami Herald:

Rubio was notified of the accident after coming off stage while campaigning with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Kissimmee.

marco rubio

The Washington Post has the same story. And the AP is reporting that Rubio was informed after coming off stage AFTER the rally was over.

I don’t know about you, but if my child were in a car accident, and in bad enough shape that she needed to be airlifted, I’d like to know immediately, not after I’m done campaigning for Mitt Romney.

It will be interesting to see whose staff, Rubio’s or Romney’s, made the decision not to tell Rubio that his daughter was laying on a stretcher until after he was done giving his campaign speech for Mitt Romney.

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