Led Zepplin – Achilles Last Stand (Live)

I didn’t really grow up a Led Zepplin fan but over time came to appreciate just how talented they were. As a kid, I liked lots of music (Southern Rock, The Stones and later Elvis Costello, the Pistols and The Clash) but was reluctant to invest much time listening to Led Zepplin because that’s the only thing so many people would listen to. And I admit that even today I don’t care to listen to Stairway to Heaven even though it’s a great song. I heard it too many times at the top of every annual “top songs of all time” on the radio.

But in recent years I gave them a second run and yes, they were incredibly talented and lots of fun to listen to. Now I only wish that I had gone to see them in concert back in the day. Not many bands out there had the confidence to ignore the normal 2-3 minute songs that radio stations wanted. Even so, they succeeded because the music was fantastic. There’s a new DVD of their 2007 concert that sounds great. It doesn’t sound likely that they will get together for another live concert but at this point, so a DVD might be as close as it gets for me to seeing them live.

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