Gay GOP group has yet to endorse Romney

From Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed we learn that the lead gay Republican group has yet to endorse Mitt Romney:

The oldest national group for gay Republicans, the Log Cabin Republicans, has yet to endorse the Republican nominee, Governor Mitt Romney.

The delay raises questions of whether and when it will make a final decision — and what difference it will make.

Over the 35 years since gay Republicans helped convince former California Gov. Ronald Reagan to fight an initiative that would have banned gay people from teaching in California, the Log Cabin Republicans have only formally withheld their endorsement from their party’s nominee twice.
Thirty-four days from Election Day — and as the presidential candidates prepare to enter their first debate tonight — Log Cabin has taken no formal position on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s Republican ticket.

“Log Cabin Republicans is a national organization representing multifaceted individuals with diverse priorities among LGBT conservatives,” the group’s executive director, R. Clarke Cooper, told BuzzFeed Wednesdsay. “We are in the final stages of the endorsement process with various candidates and campaigns up and down the GOP ticket.

“On Monday, we released our first wave of 2012 endorsments after completing a series of Congressional campaign consultations,” he added.

Yes, and Romney wasn’t one of them.

Though I still suspect Log Cabin will endorse Romney. Primarily because they want to remain relevant. Now that the upstart gay GOP group, that’s considered by most to be nothing more than a front group for the Republican party, Log Cabin will feel some “me too” pressure to add their name, lest they be cut out in the future.

The thing is, Romney and ryan aren’t especially pro-gay. Romney was. Before he flip-flopped. He used to claim he was more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy. Now he’s Mr. Family Values. Keep in mind that Romney’s bad on ENDA (banning job discrimination based on sexual orientation), repealing DOMA (the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act), and repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The problem for Log Cabin, or any interest group in either party, is what do you do when your candidate simply does not endorse your agenda at all?  You can endorse him anyway “to stay relevant,” but you’re clearly not relevant to him at all.

Or to rephrase the question: What do you do when your candidate considers you one of the 47%?  And why then stay a Republican at all?  Unless gay civil rights just aren’t that important to you. And if they aren’t, then stop calling yourself a gay Republican.

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