Gaius discusses Climate Criminals on Ed Schultz radio today

A programming note: I’ll be discussing the Climate Criminals project today (Friday) on the Ed Schultz Show just after the 1:30 pm (EST) break. Guest host Mike Papantonio, regularly of Ring of Fire Radio, is very interested in stopping the looming climate catastrophe, as am I and many of you. We discuss what can be done while there’s still time to do it.

The posts we’ll be discussing are these:

The plan for the project: The Climate Criminals project: A five-pronged approach to climate solution

A to-do list to get the project going: Climate Criminals — A preliminary to-do list

The first data from the to-do list: Climate Criminals — List of the world’s largest oil and gas companies

Our first named climate criminal: Climate criminal number one — Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

Again, please tune in if you can. The Ed Schultz radio show is available at a number of radio stations nationally. The Internet listen-live link is here.

Additional note: I was a guest this week on The Matt Filipowicz Show discussing Barack Obama, the Lame Duck and the social safety net. That show is available now via the link above (my segment starts at the 25:30 mark). Matt’s show is also available on the WeActRadio weekend schedule in the Washington DC market (WPWC 1480 AM). The Matt Filipovicz Show airs at 8:00 am on Saturdays.

As always, thanks for your interest in these subjects.


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