Fox claims “global warming is over” based on word of UK tabloid

Let’s face it, Fox News has never been much for science over the years. Their viewers probably complain that it hurts their brain, and that science won’t confirm their belief in the world being created in seven days.

Keeping in line with Fox News’ choice of being ignorant, Fox & Friends repeated a false story about climate change that only the British tabloids could create.

In Fox News science, dinosaurs lived alongside people. Dinosaur via Shutterstock

The original story was panned by the scientists who were supposed to have provided the “facts,” but somehow Fox & Friends missed that part.  Basically, the British weather service updated some of its historical temperature data and a tabloid looked at the data and decided that global warming had ended.  That’s the “study” that Fox is citing.

None of this should be a surprise though since the Republicans have had a war with facts ever since Fox News established itself in the US. On the positive side, it’s good to see that Fox was somehow able to recognize that climate change actually happened. That’s progress, in their twisted little world.

More from Media Matters on this latest sham report by Fox.

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