Elephant mother reunited with calf (video)

If this video doesn’t make you melt, you might not be alive.

It’s really an adorable moment captured on film. A young baby elephant is trapped in a well and can’t get out.  It’s mother waits for it, and won’t leave.  Fortunately some people were able to tether some rope onto it and get it out.  The scene of the mother and baby running towards each other is absolutely heart-warming.  Elephants are very sensitive animals, and have close bonds within the community. The loss of one elephant can have an enormous impact on the group.

While in Africa years ago, my wife and I were watching and being watched by a herd of over 100 elephants. They were spooked because of a pride of (13) lions hunting in the area. Though lions generally don’t attack elephants, they will go after baby elephants, and there were numerous elephants in the group that were small enough to run under the mother’s bellies. After a bit of ear-flapping (a warning sign), and views from various angles, the matriarch charged our jeep.

It was partially terrifying and partially cute because as she charged us – making even more noise as she ran – her calf was running behind her looking as adorable as could be. Fortunately the guide was a good driver and elephants can’t run as fast when they have to turn so we made it out without any problems.

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