CNN focus group: Romney’s debate low was “repealing Obamacare”

Obamacare, the focus group favorite – whodathunkit.

I watched this live, and even grabbed the video, because I was shocked at what I was seeing. CNN’s instant focus group, where they show the live graph at the bottom of the screen, showed that women, especially, were very upset that Romney was talking about repealing Obamacare in order to pay for his budget-busting, and unnecessary, $2 trillion defense increase.

But CNN went on to note that these were Romney’s lowest numbers of the evening, talking about repealing Obamacare.

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The video, showing the numbers plummet, is below.

Specifically, you see women’s opinion plummet when Romney brings this up, and even men’s opinions plateau in neutral territory – not positive – and then start to dive at the end of Romney saying this.

I’m surprised. Not that I don’t think Obamacare deserves to survive, but because Democrats have not done a great job explaining all the good the program does, while Republicans have done a great job lying about it.

I think back to a post a few years ago in which I explained how poll numbers show that Americans do not like Obamacare, but they tend to love what’s in it.

There was another post that showed that what people disliked most about Obamacare was things that Obamacare doesn’t even do.

Most of the opposition to the ACA is not based on what is actually in the bill.

It’s on things that the Republicans lied and said, incorrectly, were in the bill, like death panels.

So with all that in mind, I’m rather astounded that the focus group was least happy with Romney talking about repealing Obamacare and using the money for his massive expansion of the military (which, conventional wisdom often tells us, the public is thrilled about, military military military).

Here’s the video, watch the numbers below Romney as he speaks:

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