Gore, Bloomberg, Cuomo: Hurricane Sandy impacted by Climate Change

While New York Republican mayor Bloomberg has at least mentioned the words “climate change,” he’s an unusual exception in today’s GOP.

For the rest of the Republican Party, climate change doesn’t exist, and mentioning it will only hurt your chances of getting on Fox News.

The hard reality – whether the GOP wants to admit it or not – is that climate change is having an impact on today’s weather. Even if we change our ways today, it will take a very long to have a positive impact. Making jokes about the dire situation, as Republicans do, is a disservice to the country and a slap in the face to the scientific community that has been raising the issue for years, including specific concerns about New York.

The Republicans don’t have to like Al Gore, but they certainly have to admit that he was right.  But they won’t.

Former Vice President Al Gore warned in a blog post today that Hurricane Sandy is a “disturbing sign of things to come” if the world doesn’t quit “dirty energy.”

At 1:21 p.m. ET, with large swaths of the Northeast still swimming in the storm’s mess, the Current TV founder and environmental activist published a statement asking the public to “heed this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis.”

More from Bloomberg and Cuomo:

“What’s clear is that the storms that we’ve experienced in the last year or so around this country and around the world are much more severe than before,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a briefing today. “Whether that’s global warming or what, I don’t know. But we’ll have to address those issues.”

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, an early favorite in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, expressed similar concerns, quipping that New Yorkers “have a 100-year flood every two years now.”

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