Cesar “Dog Whisperer” Millan talks about coming to US illegally

“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan talks to Canadian talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos about his experience coming to the US illegally, and what it’s shown him about immigrants, including undocumented ones. Basically, that they take the jobs no one wants, and thus fill an important role in society.

I never knew that Millan originally camer to the US illegally. It’s a great, classic American immigrant story of picking yourself up by your own bootstraps and doing what no one else could or would.  Here’s the backstory, and you can watch the full segment with Millan here:

Millan illegally crossed the border into the US when he was 21 years old, spoke no English and knew no one in the USA. He first worked in a dog grooming store, working with the most aggressive dogs — later creating the Pacific Point Canine Academy and developing a following. Jada Pinkett Smith became one of Millan’s first clients and supporters — when he was working as a limousine driver[3] — providing him with an English tutor for a year.[9][10] Subsequently, Millan created the Dog Psychology Center, a 2-acre (8,100 m2) facility in South Los Angeles—specializing in working with large breed dogs.

Millan became a legal resident of the U.S. in 2000, became a U.S. citizen in 2009, and lives in Santa Clarita, California. He married Ilusión Wilson Millan in 1994, with whom he had two sons, Andre (b. 1995) and Calvin (b. 2001).

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