Blogger featured on Romney site compares Obama to KKK

A blogger featured prominently on Mitt Romney’s campaign Web site, who I wrote about last week, compared voting for President Obama to voting for the KKK.  We noted last week that the same blogger, John Hawkins, frequently writes of  kneecapping President Obama (he says it’s a metaphor).  Yet, Mitt Romney seems to have no problem profiling the work of this blogger on the Romney/Ryan campaign site.

It seems that Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski shares my concerns.

And lest the Romney campaign try to claim this was a “low-level staff” mistake, here’s Romney’s digital director, Zac Moffattm, tweeting approvingly of this guy’s post on the Romney Web site.  It wasn’t a mistake that they posted his work on their site.  He’s been viciously anti-Romney up until now, so they must have been hoping that this guy would help them get some of the right-wing anti-Romney Republicans back in line.  In other words, his extremism wasn’t a glitch, it was a feature they likely wanted to help them get other far-right Republicans to join their cause.

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