And now a cat and a chick (video)

There are a series of videos on YouTube of some guys cat being bothered by baby chicks.

These remind me of my brother’s German Shepherd, Ginger, who is an awfully good mother to kittens. I was over there once, and Ginger was running around the room, corralling the kittens, even picking them up with her mouth to bring them back by us.

My favorite was when one kitten was on the coffee table, walking around trying to figure out how to get off, and Ginger kept circling the table, bumping the kitten with her nose in order to make sure it didn’t fall over the edge. I was amazed.

These videos are cat with a baby chick are cute, though I could have skipped the ones where the owner clearly must have put the chicks on top of his cat. (At what price, YouTube?)  Still, the remainder are awfully adorable, these two in particular. Enjoy.

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