2012 likely to be hottest year on record in US

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Not that the extremist Republicans will care or be alarmed, but there’s obviously a problem. Praying to Jesus won’t solve it and tax cuts for the rich won’t help either. Until the US pushes the religious extremists who hate science out of the picture, it will only get worse.

NBC News:

January-September was already the warmest first nine months, according to temperature data released Tuesday by the National Climatic Data Center.

Moreover, six of eight scenarios charted by the center have 2012 ending warmer than any other year in records that go back to 1895. The only scenarios where that would not happen are if the last quarter is among the 10 coldest on record.

Last month was the 23rd warmest September on record and, more significantly, marked “the 16th consecutive month with above-average temperatures for the Lower 48,” the center said in its monthly State of the Climate Report.

None of this will stop Fox News and their drooling idiot commentators from asking where the global warming is the next time there’s a snow storm in Nebraska, because that’s all part of their game. Since they don’t want to talk about science, they will appeal to their home audience with even more stupidity and ignorance. Quite a business model, isn’t it?

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