100-year-old cyclist sets record for 100 kilometer ride


In the cycling world, this story has been getting a lot of attention because it’s impressive, but also such a nice story.

French cyclist Robert Marchand recently set a record time for a 100 year old when he rode a 100 kilometers (62 miles) at the velodrome of Lyon. Marchand only started cycling when he was 67, but since then, has done a lot of riding. He’s in amazing condition and seems to be enjoying life as he approaches his 101st birthday in November. The entire story is great because he’s so alive and full of fun.

His secret? A few glasses of wine, healthy eating, no smoking and honey water when he rides for energy.

For an English version of the story, check out the BBC. In one of the other online reports about this record, Marchand was interviewed at home in his Paris apartment. I did notice that he also keeps his bike in the living room, just as I do, despite a bit of grumbling from Jojo. For any cyclist, when space is limited, the bike has to take a prime position.

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