Obama leads Ohio in 7 polls released in past 48 hours

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PPP also says Obama is ahead by 8 in Michigan, Mitt Romney’s ancestral home (if you don’t count Mexico).

Romney campaign slows down hurricane relief for Ryan photo opp

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The Romney campaign stopped boxing donations for Hurricane victims so Paul Ryan could get his picture taken.
Larger shot of Sandy over North America, via NOAA.

NBC on Hurricane Sandy and climate change (video)

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Climate change is making storms much more extreme, but will half of Congress ever wake up to this reality?
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy over America

Gore, Bloomberg, Cuomo: Hurricane Sandy impacted by Climate Change

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Democrats are talking climate change following Hurricane Sandy, but the GOP remains gleefully ignorant.

Little girl in tears: “I’m tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney.” (video)

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Four-year-old Abigail has had just about enough of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This is beyond adorable.

Biden: Transgender discrimination is the “civil rights issue of our time”

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Once more Joe Biden champions LGBT issues & causes. “A lot of my friends are being killed,” a mother tells him.

Romney bought $5k of food for people to “donate” back to him at phony “hurricane” rally

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Romney admits “relief” events in OH, WI were political.

GOP House hopeful mum on campaign manager’s incendiary, false tweets about Hurricane Sandy

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Campaign manager posted series of inflammatory, and false, tweets about dire situation in NYC during storm.
Smart Highway by Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch highways to glow in dark, give weather info

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A Dutch firm has created a cool new plan for the highways of Holland.
Red Cross Romney

Red Cross had to divert staff to deal with Romney’s phony “relief effort”

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As feared, the Romney campaign has diverted vital Red Cross staff time away from helping hurricane victims.
Maine gay marriage closing ad

Closing argument for Maine gay marriage advocates: Family values

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And the Bangor Daily News came out in favor of marriage equality.

Reporters blast Romney’s “Hurricane relief” stunt

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Romney breaks promise not to campaign. There’s only a small roped-off area for donations to hurricane relief.

Romney on Climate Change: “Spending trillions to reduce CO2 is not the right course”

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We’ve clearly entered climate-world. This is the last election we can discuss this. 2016 is too late.
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