TSA retaliates against traveler who refuses drink test

So we’re clear on this, the TSA is more about theater and towing the line, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

The new policy now is to smile and demand that passengers let their drinks be tested even after passing security — in other words, while you’re sitting at the gate with the drink you got post-security. Failure to allow the happy, smiling TSA to test — or even showing annoyance at this new intrusion — will result in retaliation as seen in this video from the Houston airport. The TSA will not tolerate attitude even if someone raises a valid concern.

So is the TSA now admitting that their security system for both passengers and food vendors behind security is lousy and unable to detect danger? With each month, the TSA pushes to new extremes without complaint from the political class.

While traveling through the US the other day, I watched an elderly grandmother being lifted out of her wheelchair and put into a porno-scanner in Charlotte. Maybe some of the lemmings find that reassuring, but I found it to be scary and pathetic.

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