TSA protects America from mom packing a PB&J

Does this taste Muslim to you?
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Whew! Did the TSA deliver on it’s promise to protect America or what?

Nothing says “danger” like a traveling family with two toddlers that are armed with dangerous peanut butter and jelly. Obviously the jelly is safe but peanut butter? Oh heavens no! It must be stopped!

Though the TSA did complete its mission to save American flyers from some suspicious peanut butter by confiscating the jar, they showed some common sense when they reimbursed the family $3.99 for the confiscated jar. See? The TSA is not the bunch of heartless fools you thought they were.

Lambert was traveling with her husband, a 6-month-old and a 2-year-old on an ungodly early flight in June, and arrived at the airport about 5 a.m. She was flying from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, and she needed the usual bag of distractions and food to keep her kids — and other passengers — sane during the trip. But, she says, her efforts to ensure a smooth flight were foiled when a TSA agent with a bad attitude singled out her family for additional screening. After the usual pat-downs and questions, discussion centered on the jar of peanut butter.

“He just really fixated on the peanut butter and a jar of apple sauce I had,” she said. “I keep saying, ‘It’s not a liquid; it’s pureed apples,’ but we went around and around. He also screened my husband multiple times. I asked to speak to the terminal manager, but he never arrived. … We were there 30 minutes.”

Eventually, the screener let the apple sauce (and the jelly) go, but he drew the line on the peanut butter.

Now that “peanut butter -gate” is over, the TSA can get back to harassing senior citizens.

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