Second pro-marriage equality GOPer in NY wins primary

This was important.  These guys didn’t have to be there for us, and they were.  And two, at least, have won their rather difficult primaries.  Good.

From NBC NY:

The veteran Republican state senator who cast the historic, deciding vote to legalize gay marriage in New York has won the political fight of his life.

Sen. Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie on Monday won the long count from the Sept. 13 Republican primary by a 107-vote margin of about 9,800 votes cast, said Dutchess County elections official Erik Haight. He defeated Neil DiCarlo in the Hudson Valley District.

So far, two of the four senators who cast the critical votes for gay marriage in June 2011 have won primary challenges. The other is Sen. Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, who won more easily on primary night. Another, Sen. Roy McDonald, is trailing in a count of absentee ballots and challenged votes. A fourth, Sen. James Alesi of Monroe County, announced his retirement in the face of strong opposition.

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