Rick Perry threatened to sue HuffPo over “you’re gay” story

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I’d heard about this previously, so Buzzfeed’s story sound almost right. I’m not so convinced, however, that HuffPo didn’t have a story, and that Cherkis didn’t have his facts down. Both tend to do a very good job.

From Buzzfeed:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign spent the weeks after his campaign announcement in a panic about a potential Huffington Post story about swirling — and unsupported — rumors that the Texas governor candidate is gay.

The revelation, previously reported by Politico, but detailed to a far greater extent in a new ebook by Texas Tribune reporter Jay Root, includes a legal threat from the governor’s campaign to the Huffington Post and revelations about the story the reporter, Jason Cherkis, was writing.

There have long been rumors about Rick Perry.  But it’s true that if you’re going to take down a GOP presidential candidate, you’d better have the goods on him.  And usually, in my experience, where there’s smoke, folks eventually find the fire.

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