Pet Post: Penny Lane

Penny Lane

Penny Lane

Linda in Norco, CA:

Good Morning,

Our daughter, who was living with us while she went back to school, adopted a fantastic Golden Retriever she named Pursy Lane. When she moved to Colorado for graduate school she took Pursy with her, and my husband and I were so lonely without a dog for the first time in many years, we began looking for one of our own to adopt a little over a year ago. We saw a picture of this little girl and fell in love.

When I inquired at the animal shelter, they warned me off because they had recently had her tested for demodectic mange and she tested positive. Apparently it’s an immune deficiency disease some puppies never recover from. She was found wandering the streets as a six week old puppy, and they felt her health was in too much jeopardy for them to give her to someone without a very strong warning.

Needless to say, we adopted her straight away.

Luckily, she has so far beaten the odds and is healthy as can be. We’ve owned many dogs in our lives but for some reason Penny Lane is the most entertaining, loving and exhaustingly athletic dog we’ve ever had. We have no idea what breed she is and it’s been fun watching people guess but the closest we can come is some sort of cross between a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boxer and possibly a little Pit Bull thrown in. She’s also a very smart dog and did very well at her training sessions.

Here’s another quick funny story. Last summer she tried to eat a bumble bee and was stung inside her mouth. I didn’t actually see it happen but she’d been chasing them for days. She ran into the house where I was sitting at my computer and just sat and stared at me until I finally looked at her. Her lips were swollen as if she’d had a botox treatment or something. Of course we rushed her to the vet, and after everything was fine we started calling her “Luscious Lips Lane” for awhile. Wish I had a picture of that.

Anyway, we’re so glad we adopted her and at our ages, 62 and 64. I assume she’ll be the last dog we’ll own so we’re really just enjoying the heck out of her.

The photo to the left is the one we fell in love with, and the one above is from a few months ago.

Best Regards,

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