Lots of Romney news, and none of it is pretty (for him)

Eliot Spitzer says Romney has already lost. The battle now is for control of the Senate.

The NYT says Romney has a “daunting path” between now and November.

GOPer Tommy Thompson, who’s running for Senate from Wisconsin against Democratic House member Tammy Baldwin, is blaming Romney for his suddenly falling behind in the polls.

Romney co-chair Tim Pawlenty has quit the campaign in order to take a high-paying job on K Street.

Romney is criticizing President Obama for saying something today that Mitt Romney has already said, verbatim.

The Romney campaign raised some eyebrows by giving out $200,000 in bonuses to their top staff, because they’ve done such a great job getting Romney to second place, also called “last.”

The uber-Republican Club for Growth calls Romney a “mixed bag” of good and bad. ┬áHardly a ringing endorsement this late in the campaign.

More from Jon Stewart on the 47% video and how Fox News tried to “fix” things:

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