Dems approve gay marriage plank in party platform

I was less excited about this when it became inevitable a few weeks ago – I don’t know why, it just felt anti-climactic at the time – but now, I’m starting to believe that this matters. From USA Today:

On the night the Democrats became the first major U.S. political party to endorse gay marriage, some convention delegates remembered how it used to be — back in high school, back in the closet, back in the days when, as one said, “you’re scared because it’s not OK to be who you are.”

Heather Mizeur, once a student at Blue Mound (Ill.) High, now a Maryland legislator and one of more than 500 gay delegates to the Democratic convention, said the vote Tuesday approving the platform’s marriage equality plank was “one of those historic moments. It says our relationships should be treated equally.”

I get that people aren’t happy with how difficult it was to get some of the victories we finally got under this President. But we did get those victories. It’s not just an issue of Romney being worse than Obama. We made historic advances under Barack Obama. We will make no advances under a President Romney, and we will likely move backward. That’s more than enough reason to vote Democratic this election. In the end, they came through for, however hard it was getting there, they came through and we moved forward. Now it’s time for us to return the favor.

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