Our Cat Girl comes home from the hospital

Nasdaq, aka “Cat Girl,” on coming home from her chemo.

We’ve had a number of visits to the vet this year, as both cats are getting up there in years.

In June, Sushi (our grey cat) had to spend a week in the vet hospital to be treated for a hyperactive thyroid (so far, so good).  And this past week, Nasdaq had chemotherapy for cats to treat a nasty tumor. She had surgery a few weeks back to remove the tumor, but since it was aggressive, there was a 25% chance something was still there and could come back with deadly results.

Sushi, on the prowl.

She hasn’t been very happy about the bandages, but she’s been thrilled to be back home. Anywhere we go, that’s where she wants to be. Last night she went back and forth between my side of the bed and my wife Jojo’s side. Each time she settled in, she would start to loudly purr, again and again.

We’re glad she’s back home again too.

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