The 2012 Climate series: a reference post (UPDATED)

This post lists all the pieces that make up our 2012 Climate series. I’ll update this with new links until the series is complete. The order is not quite chronological; the pieces are grouped mainly by sub-topic. For those of you who have been following along, thanks for reading.

Posts in the 2012 Climate Catastrophe series


■ Hugging the monster: Climate scientists and the C-word
■ What is “climate catastrophe”?
■ Your Climate Crisis elevator speech — Addresses one prong of the five-pronged approach (below), “unconfuse the people.”

A walk through the numbers

McKibben’s Three Numbers—Measuring the march toward climate catastrophe
■ Illustrating global warming—What does “a 2°C increase” refer to?
■ How did James Hansen’s 1981 global warming predictions work out?
■ Hansen on 3°C: Quarter to half of species on earth may die from global warming

■ We’re on track for up to 7°C (12½°F) temperature rise by 2100
■ IEA Director: Temps to increase 11°F by 2100; “That’s basically Miami Beach in Boston”
■ Climate report: “Almost no chance” of less than 3½°F (2°C) rise … headed for 9°F (5°C)
■ Koch-funded climate denier reverses: “Humans almost entirely the cause” of global warming

■ Thoughts on climate crisis speed — My personal climate model

Two recent phenomena

The epic heat wave: “Of course it’s about climate change”
■ Radical decline in Arctic ice “at least 70 percent” man-made
■ New satellite data: Arctic ocean losing 50% more summer ice than predicted
■ “We’re in a planetary emergency” thanks to Arctic ice melt and Greenland permafrost

Toward a solution: Preface

McKibben 2—Climate strategies that don’t work
■ Who is the enemy leading us to climate catastrophe? (plus reflections on the nature of corporations)
■ McKibben 3—Is Carbon Tax the answer to climate catastrophe?
■ Why all of the current “solutions” deepen the crisis

■ U.S. says drop the “2°C guarantee” from the global warming deal, calls for “flexibility”

■ Chris Hayes: “The only hope on climate change is civil disobedience” and the clock is ticking

Toward a solution: Suggestions

Solving the climate crisis — Picking goals, focuses, tactics — Introduces the five-pronged approach to a solution
■ Solving the climate crisis — Goals, focuses, tactics (a summary) — Introduces the five-pronged approach to a solution in summary form
■ Solving the climate crisis — How to paint the possible futures — Addresses one prong of the five-pronged approach, “unconfuse the people.”
■ A modest proposal for dealing with climate denial “scientists” — Part of a longer post on dealing with political operatives as operatives
■ “Niallism” — This is what defrocking an academic looks like (climate scientists, take note) — A “defrocking the false academic” example

Writing and interviews referenced

The following lists major writing referenced in this series (do click; all are data-rich):

■ James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Reto Ruedy, 2012: “Perceptions of Climate Change: The New Climate Dice” (pdf)
■ Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone, 2012: “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math
■ Twenty-six authors, 2009: The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Updating the World on the Latest Climate Science (high-res pdf) (low-res pdf) (website)

The Copenhagen Diagnosis document was prepared by the world’s leading climate scientists for use at the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, which affirmed the 2°C (3½°F) “ceiling,” then adjourned with no action.

A few helpful interviews:

Dr. Michael Mann with Thom Hartmann (plus my comments)
■ Michael Mann with Tom Levenson on Virtually Speaking Science (audio)
■ “Who are the climate criminals?” — Mike Papantonio with yours truly on Ring of Fire Radio
■ Naomi Klein with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now discussing the political implications of addressing the global warming crisis (and discussed at length in this post)

Thanks for giving this issue your attention.


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