Poll: Raise taxes to save Social Security

The program that the GOP wants to destroy remains popular among Americans. Bizarrely, the GOP views Social Security as an entitlement despite Americans paying into the system during their working life. Regardless of what spin we hear from the GOP this week, it’s their mission to destroy Social Security. It’s terrifying to think what would have happened to Social Security in 2008 had the Ryan plan (which Bush also attempted in his second term) been enacted and it was privatized.

Why do Republicans want to destroy something as popular and important as Social Security?

Most Americans say go ahead and raise taxes if it will save Social Security benefits for future generations. And raise the retirement age, if you have to.

Both options are preferable to cutting monthly benefits, even for people who are years away from applying for them.

Those are the findings of a new Associated Press-GfK poll on public attitudes toward the nation’s largest federal program.

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