GOP convention speaker says “I did build this” – he took stimulus money and $2m in govt contracts

The jokes just write themselves at this point. “We did build it” – the guy says – uh no you didn’t. He took $2m in government contracts and over $200,000 in stimulus money to “build” his company. So in fact, WE did build it – we the people, we the taxpayers, built this guy’s firm. And he’s on stage mocking President Obama, claiming he got no government help to build his business, and now we find out he did.

They really are pathetic.

Another small business owner featured at the Republican National Convention undercuts the Fox-fueled “We Built It” narrative surrounding the event.

Steven Cohen, president of Ohio-based manufacturing company Screen Machine Industries, is scheduled to speak tonight at the convention. According to a press release from his company announcing the speaking appearance, Cohen will speak on “political issues important to manufacturing.” Much like Sher Valenzuela, the Delaware small business owner that was featured on “We Built It” day at the convention, Cohen’s business has also received help from the government.

Screen Machine has received more than $2 million in government contracts, including nearly $220,000 in stimulus funds, and claims a “long and proud history of supplying heavy-duty American Made equipment to government agencies and the US Military.”

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