B-list hate groups take advg of FRC shooting to get gays kicked off TV

One guy walked into a religious right organization with a gun, shot one man in an arm, and now America is no longer safe for bigoted right wingers.

The shooting was inexcusable, but give me a break.

The latest effort to take political advantage of the shooting came today when a number of officially designated hate groups – including one that claims gays were the real people behind the Holocaust – called on Fox News to stop having gay rights advocate Wayne Besen on their show because Wayne is mean to people who call him a pedophile.

Last time I checked, Wayne never accused any of these groups of being behind the Holocaust, or being pedophiles.

What’s particularly interesting are two things:

1. The groups use the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who defended FRC’s hate and now is apparently a darling of religious right anti-gay activism.

2. No national religious right groups signed the letter.  One of the local groups that signed even had two different employees sign, upping the numbers of signatories.

Karen Ocamb has the rest of the story.

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