Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend is none of our business

It’s bad enough that some gay blogs are posting nasty stories about Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend (and mind you, we don’t even know what the real story is), but now the MSM is getting involved, including the San Jose Mercury News.

Why is it anyone’s business what Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend is doing? Not to mention, it looks like he was being stalked by a photographer.  That’s awfully nice.

There seems to be this impression out there that if you’re a public figure, you’re entitled to no privacy at all, and that you pretty much deserve to be treated like garbage.  What has Anderson Cooper ever done that merited gay blogs, or straight papers for that matter, reporting on the details of what some photo stalker did or didn’t find out about his boyfriend?  How would you like someone following your wife, or husband, or partner, or children with a camera and making national news about whatever they did during their private time?

Someone being a public figure is not some kind of twisted permission for the rest of us to throw out our humanity.

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