67 percent of gays will vote for Obama, number is a little low

Per a new Harris/Logo poll, 67% of gays would vote for Obama were the election held today, and 23% would vote for McCain.

Keep in mind that 77% of gays voter for John Kerry in 2004, and 70% voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

So this would appear low.  But according to CNN, John McCain got 27% of the gay vote in 2008 – so Romney’s 23% is also a drop (Harris has 7% for other candidats, and 3% “unsure”).  Though Harris says they had McCain’s gay vote at 23%, so that would mean Romney is where McCain was.

Either way, it’s possible we’re still seeing some reticence from gays vis-a-vis Obama because of lingering, or leftover, angst from the first several years of the presidency when gays didn’t feel their promises were getting the attention they deserved.  I think the President has now done enough to merit our vote.  But I worried back at the beginning that growing negatives are hard to turn around later – it’s better to avoid the negatives in the first place.  We need to see more polls, but it might not hurt Team Obama to ramp up the outreach to gay America a little.

From a Harris/Logo poll via the Blade:

The poll found that 67 percent of LGBT respondents will vote for President Obama in November, compared to 48 percent of general voters. More than a fifth of LGBT respondents also said they would consider voting for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney if he held the same positions on gay rights as the president. Twenty-six percent of LGBT voters also said they are more likely to vote for Republicans if the GOP held the same positions on gay-specific issues as the Democratic Party.

Past numbers, below.

2004 Kerry vs Bush exit poll:

4% of voters were gay
77% voted Kerry
23% voted Bush

2006 US House exit poll:

3% of voters were gay
75% voted Democratic
24% voted Republican

2008 US House exit poll:

3% of voters were gay
80% voted Democratic
19% voted Republican

2008 Obama vs McCain exit poll:

4% of voters were gay
70% voted Obama
27% voted McCain

2010 US House exit poll data:

3% of voters were gay
68% voted Democratic
31% voted Republican

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