Salvation Army alleged to have fired bisexual employee

Remember, the Salvation Army is an evangelical church, and they consider themselves an evangelical church.  They like America to think they’re just a charity.  But in reality, they’re a far right church that that has lobbied in the past in favor of discrimination against gays. From Bilerico:

I was fired from my job as a case worker with the Salvation Army of Burlington, Vermont because I came out to them as bisexual and raised concerns about sections in their employee handbook relating to sexual orientation and employment discrimination.

Until Monday, it was my job to help protect children and families from poverty. Until Monday, I was the one charged with helping those in poverty come out of it. Until Monday, I worked every day assisting needy families in obtaining food, clothing, shelter, and other social services.

But when my little curly-haired girl comes home today, I’m going to have to tell her that our family will now have to depend on some of those same social services ourselves.

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